BEAUTIFUL B.C. | My Vacation to Vancouver Island


Hey kittens!

I thought some of you may enjoy seeing some vacation photos from my trip to Vancouver Island!
So here's some photos!

Here I am walking down the dock towards my dads boat that stays there.

The main reason for visiting Vancouver Island was to see my sister graduate high school, so I did her makeup!

Cute photo of my puppy cuddling me! Turns out he likes to sleep on beds. Something we never let him do but he had to sleep in our room.

My dad eating a deep fried octopus, cuteeeee.

This adorable bench with encouraging words! It says:
Be "Shore" of yourself
Take time to "Coast"
Avoid "Pier" Pressure
"Sea" Life's Beauty
Make "Waves"
And if none of these work"Sea-Kelp"!

There is a few washed up boats, some have even sunk on this part of the beach, no worries they were abandoned.

Ryan and Sunny puppy in the water having a good time! 

Ryan and I in Cathedral Grove where huge trees grow!
The road is called "Tillicum" so we had a little laugh over that haha.

A delicious supper my dad made for us including steak, oysters, prawns, and potatoes!

The mountain from "The Ghost Inside" album cover You Get What You Give!

Looks comfortable hey?

An adorable portrait we got together on the boardwalk in Victoria!

The absolute cutest puppy there ever was!

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  1. It looks like you had a fun trip! I enjoyed seeing your trip in photos :)