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NLY Trend cotton shirt
25 CAD - nelly.com

Leopard legging
13 CAD - wearall.com

Platform shoes
27 CAD - cicihot.com

Genuine leather handbag
5,655 CAD - 1stdibs.com

Gorjana necklace
135 CAD - revolveclothing.com

Black hat
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Cat glasses
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Gel nail care
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WHY, OH WHY? | Why Do I Blog?


Hey kittens!

I thought I'd write a little bit about why I do blog and make Youtube videos, I don't know if anyone will be interested but hey, maybe you are and maybe you want to do the same and need some inspiration!

So why do I blog? Well one day, about three years ago, I decided that I wanted to share my purchases and share my interests with everyone. I didn't know if I would get any readers, I didn't know if anyone would even like what I liked and I had no clue how to run a blog. I just knew that I did want to write and I did have things to share. I find it fun to share my ideas and love seeing comments of people interested in what I am saying as well! Growing up I never really had anywhere that shared my interests, especially in clothing and style that I liked so my goal is to share that with my readers and hope I can help them feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their own style!

So why do I make Youtube videos? This is something that I didn't start until about a year or so into blogging I believe, maybe a bit sooner than that. Blogging and Youtube is pretty similar. With blogging you write what you feel and think and videos you say what you feel and think! I actually enjoy Youtube more because I can truly be myself and it's such a wonderful feeling when you're so used to not feeling like you can be yourself! I'm not going to lie, seeing the subscriber count go up every time you post a video really makes it feel like you're doing something right! Although I do usually make Youtube videos on product reviews I would like to get back into makeup tutorials like I was doing when I originally started!

Are you new to blogging? Why do you blog? Let me know in the comments below!

SPONSORED | Sherry London


Hey kittens!

I have a sponsored post to share with you today, and it's about a website called Sherry London. They are based in the UK and have a wide variety of prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail and party dresses, evening dresses and homecoming dresses

£229.98 - Crystal Dress

$150.99 - Mermaid Prom Dress

$79.99 - Chiffon Dropped Bridesmaid Dress

If you thought any of these dresses were stunning you have a change to win a a sleeveless black cocktail dress!


"We appreciate all the love and support our customers&fans bring us. So ladies, it's time for an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!
Only one lucky bird will win the sexyeye-catching black cocktail dress, one shoulder, sleeveless, short, and made of Chiffon. All you have to do is visit us on facebook, google+, our giveaway page, follow us on Pinterest, tweet, refer friends for extra entries or write a blog post via Gleam Competition below. The winner will be contacted by e-mail only and the offer expires in one week.
Are you ready to receive it or offer it to a special someone? Just cross those pretty little fingers to get entries. 
*The winner has to pay the delivery fee and take a photo to share with us."

PURPLE SMOKE | Purple Smokey Eye Look


Hey kittens!

I created this purple smokey eye, big shocker, with the Sugarpill Cosmetics Cold Chemistry Palette!

I'm actually pretty impressed with the colours and how well the camera captured it! Usually my photos fall flat when it comes to my makeup but not this time!

I'm really impressed with this look, even though I have done a purple look one or two.. or three times I believe I like this the best!

What's your favourite colour combo for eyeshadow?
Hey kittens!

I wanted to share with you my small but awesome sunglasses collection! I feel like I have so few but they do the trick for me. 

First up are my "Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye" sunglasses! I purchased these from SheInside.com probably a year and a half ago now. As you can see they do still have the sticker on them which means I haven't worn them yet but only because I lost them for awhile and I haven't had an awesome enough outfit to wear them with!

Second pair are my newest pair of sunglasses from GlassesShop.com and you can read my blog on them HERE. They're a large pair of cat eye sunglasses and I absolutely love them. They're quite dark which is awesome for my sensitive eyes.

Third pair are a pair I bought from JoinTheKVLT.com that I got back in 2012 and you can read about them HERE. These are my favourite and have cute little pentagrams on both sides of the arms!

The fourth pair is my absolute favourite and these are the ones I wear most often. They are Guess sunglasses that I bought from Winners probably two or so years ago now. I feel they suit my face well and still look stylish but spooky. If you check out my blog Instagram they are on there sometimes!

BRIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON | My Hair Transformation


Hey kittens!

So as you may have noticed I have changed my hair colour! I went from a natural dark brown to a platinum blonde! My amazing hair dresser Meghan from Urban Fringe Salon in Calgary did it. Let me add as a disclaimer NOW that my hair was almost all virgin hair and that is why this was so possible.

To achieve this level of lightness I believe she used 30 level developer on my ends and  then 20 developer on my roots because roots lighten quicker. After this she toned our the brassy colour. Since my hair had originally been half white and half black, then dyed over with my natural brown colour and then grown out a ton some of the ends were still not virgin hair so the ends on one side turned purply from being over toned and the other side was still slightly brassy from being black before. That will be fixed once we tone it. My overall goal is to have a nice white pearl colour!

To keep the hair from being too damaged she used Olaplex and as well did a treatment which also was purple to help the brassy colour tone down even more!

How do you feel about my new look? I personally love it! I don't even mind my hair short which is unusual for me as I usually prefer long hair! I still might get extensions, who knows!

BEAUTIFUL B.C. | My Vacation to Vancouver Island


Hey kittens!

I thought some of you may enjoy seeing some vacation photos from my trip to Vancouver Island!
So here's some photos!

Here I am walking down the dock towards my dads boat that stays there.

The main reason for visiting Vancouver Island was to see my sister graduate high school, so I did her makeup!

Cute photo of my puppy cuddling me! Turns out he likes to sleep on beds. Something we never let him do but he had to sleep in our room.

My dad eating a deep fried octopus, cuteeeee.

This adorable bench with encouraging words! It says:
Be "Shore" of yourself
Take time to "Coast"
Avoid "Pier" Pressure
"Sea" Life's Beauty
Make "Waves"
And if none of these work"Sea-Kelp"!

There is a few washed up boats, some have even sunk on this part of the beach, no worries they were abandoned.

Ryan and Sunny puppy in the water having a good time! 

Ryan and I in Cathedral Grove where huge trees grow!
The road is called "Tillicum" so we had a little laugh over that haha.

A delicious supper my dad made for us including steak, oysters, prawns, and potatoes!

The mountain from "The Ghost Inside" album cover You Get What You Give!

Looks comfortable hey?

An adorable portrait we got together on the boardwalk in Victoria!

The absolute cutest puppy there ever was!

FEELIN' SUMMER | Artistic Outland Clothing


Hey kittens!

Today I am sharing with you an Etsy shop called Artistic Outland Clothing! I am so excited to share with you because I absolutely love this shop and she sells the cutest things and the owner is wonderful as well!

The necklace is a 13" "Opal" on a tan suede fabric. The suede feels really nice around your neck and the opal isn't heavy so it's very comfortable all around. You can find a similar necklace HERE.

The top is a black crochet made from acrylic yarn. You have the option of cup size up to a D cup and nine different colours to choose from! It's so soft and even though it's a crop top the fabric makes it feel comforting and warm which I really enjoy! You can find the same top HERE.

To see a better and more indepth review please click the link and watch my Youtube video on it! http://youtu.be/asBvMtzwUVA

GLITTER IN THE SMOKE | Smoky Eye and Dusty Lips


Hey kittens!

I wanted to share with you a look I created yesterday, really out of boredom. I created it using Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette and Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, two palettes I use very often! The lips are RPG by LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs which I am really loving the entire line of Apocalipsticks right now!

SPONSORED | Rosa Novias


Hey kittens!

I have a sponsored post for you today, every once in awhile I like to share with you websites that you might not have thought about that aren't necessarily alternative!

$290.99 Charming Sweetheart Short Wedding Dress

The website I am sharing with you today is RoseNovias.ca! They are a professional wedding dress company in custom made, design and sales business.  They are UK based, even though they're using a .ca rather than a .co.uk or .com, and they sell wedding dresses. Although I am not getting married any time soon I've never thought about purchasing a wedding dress online and I actually kind of like the idea of it. I feel it would be a lot easier to see your selections instead of trying to rummage around in a store looking. Of course you can't try them on right away but fortunately Rose Novias lets you return the dress and you can find out more about that under their return policy!

$395.99 Exquisite Mermaid Wedding Dress 

They have basically every option you could ever want in a wedding dress as well as they also have dresses for the wedding party including bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride and dresses appropriate for the guests of the wedding! They also have a selection of special occasion dresses and wedding accessories like jackets and veils!

$617.99 Organza Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress

You can narrow down your choices of dresses by selecting many options on the left side which includes where the venue is, price range, the silhouette you want, the hemline/train, neckline, body shape, fabric, style, season and so many more options which honestly makes it pretty easy to find exactly what you're looking for in a dress.

$254.99 Charming Sequin Crystal Prom Dress
I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it was helpful to you all or will be eventually!
Hey kittens!

Today I have an awesome brand to share with you and their new line of Apocalipsticks! The brand is LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs and they are a brand that caters to everyone from "beautiful blushing brides to beautiful bloody brides of Frankenstein" Their products are all individually hand crafted with care, 100% vegan, talc free, and cruelty free formulas!

I received all three of their new line of lipsticks appropriately named Apocalipsticks! They come in adorable bullet shaped containers and contain 3.5g of the product. The three lipsticks are Cinderhella, RPG, and Bruja! Each lipstick sells for $15.00 each.

Below is the colour Bruja which is described as a stone cold toned taupe nude. It has a cool purple tone which I think is stunning. It's a nice way to introduce yourself to wearing a purple lipstick.

The next lipstick is the colour Cinderhella and it is described as a cool blue based hot pink! This is my personal favourite and I am obsessed with it. It really compliments my hair colour without being to dramatic and overpowering it.

The last, but not least, is RPG. It's described as a cool toned dead dusty rose, which I would definitely agree with. It's a very lovely dusty colour which is very complimenting and I love that it makes me look slightly paler!

Overall I really enjoy this brand as they have a lot of creepy cute things to offer which is what I am all about, obviously! I'm very happy with the lipsticks and the colour payoff is excellent as they're very opaque!