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Hey kittens!

This blog will be a little different from other because I have a pet store haul to show you today!
 Since the boyfriend and I have moved into our new home which is a large house with a large backyard we were able to finally bring his German Shepard, Sunny, to live with us! So of course this means we have to buy him some goodies! I'll also touch a bit on his new food that I am hoping to switch him to.

First up, he needed a nice solid leash, he's a very very large dog and can pull like crazy if he's determined! We chose to get him the Kong Traffic Dog Leash because it has an extra handle lower down on the leash to hold him closer. The handles are also padded with neoprene which is so comfortable on your hands!

The next thing we got him was the Poop Bags, these are important to always have on you because it's just plain rude and gross to leave your dogs poop on the ground. These one's are the Earth Rated PoopBags and they're lavender scented, not that I plan to get close enough to them to smell them haha!

We decided that he needed some treats, and recently I've been really looking into what we feed our animals because I feel it's so unnatural to eat weird kibbles with basically no nutritional value and filled with junk and fillers. We had never tried this brand before, VitaLife Turkey and Sweet Potato Bites, but we looked at the ingredients and they contain 6, the fact that they use human grade ingredients and they are apparently made in Canada, although I am a bit confused about that because if you go to their website it says Thailand.

Last, but not least, we purchased him a nice new tennis ball, which he destroyed in basically one chomp, but it was only a $1.00, he enjoyed it anyways!

Now, the new food we are looking into for Sunny is called The Honest Kitchen, we have yet to purchase it but I would like to make a whole blog just dedicated to that once we do!

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