PARTY ON | Center Of Gravity 2015


Hey kittens!

Last year the boyfriend and I and two other friends went to Kelowna to go to a three day long festival by Monster Energy. Center of Gravity is apparently the hottest beach festival in Canada, and this year it's July 24th-27th in Kelowna, BC.

Here's some photos from last year, because I'm 99% sure that I didn't show you guys these!

Here is beautiful Kelowna at night, I have to say that if I had the opportunity and it was right I would move to Kelowna in a heart beat. It's made up of trees, and hills, and SUN!

Also, lets not forget about the absolute amazing and delicious fruit farms where you can go into the fields with a bucket and collect the fruit you want. The one place made their own apple juice and wow I have never tasted something so amazing. We'll definitely have to stop there again and get some more.

On the way to Kelowna, between Revelstoke and Sicamous, there is this magical place called The Enchanted Forest which you should check out regardless if you're a child or not because it's pretty magical. It's way more than you can see here, it's actually huge. It was started in 1950. It opened to the public in 1960's, and there are now over 350 life size figurines and BC's tallest grandest treehouse that is 50 feet tall!

Here's me chillen on a huge fallen over log that they made it able to walk up.

Anyways, Back to the Festival! There are 60 performers that play all over the festival. Here's the map so you can get a feel for how awesome this actually is. It's a long 3 days going from morning to very late. I can't quite remember what time the festival closes its gates at but once it does there is an after party at another location.

I think we will be going back again this year, even though there are even less artists that I am personally interested in it's still an awesome experience and Kelowna is amazingly beautiful so it's definitely worth it!


  1. I heard about this last year and I really want to go! It's pretty expensive once adding in hotels and what not. Looks like such a fun weekend.

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