HIGHLIGHT | Flawless Graduation Makeup


Hey kittens!

So first beauty post in awhile but I've just got my makeup room unpacked yesterday so I decided to try out some makeup! I wanted to test out what my sister has requested for grad makeup just to see if there was anything I wanted to change. As usual my eyeshadows didn't show up the same way as they really were so you basically don't see the dimension that was really there.

I did my eyebrows like normal because I just enjoy them thicker and bolder and am more comfortable with them this way. Her eyebrows will be more natural but definitely filled in for a nice crisp look. As you can see I have a nice contour going on. I usually struggle with it but this turned out not too bad and I am pretty happy with it, I used Nars Contour Blush in Olympia. I also used highlighter which I really enjoyed. I used Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm and it's an extremely intense highlighter. I of course applied it above the cheek, up the bridge of my nose and under my eyes.

As you can kinda see I did a darker brown on the outside and then did a gradual gradient in towards my eye until I got to a shiny white. I used the Naked palette by Urban Decay for all the colours. As you may be able to see my eyeliner is SO not on point. I've been using the Benefit They're Real Liquid Liner and I am pretty unhappy with it. I can't get the precise lines I am used to and it ends up splotchy because sometimes the pen drags since you don't know when to pump more product out.

So this is my finished look! I really enjoyed it, I feel like it makes me look mysterious and kitten-like with the lashes! Hopefully my sister likes it, hers will be more dewey and we may change the colours up! My lips look funky in the photo above but I promise they were not actually!

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