HIGHLIGHT | Flawless Graduation Makeup


Hey kittens!

So first beauty post in awhile but I've just got my makeup room unpacked yesterday so I decided to try out some makeup! I wanted to test out what my sister has requested for grad makeup just to see if there was anything I wanted to change. As usual my eyeshadows didn't show up the same way as they really were so you basically don't see the dimension that was really there.

I did my eyebrows like normal because I just enjoy them thicker and bolder and am more comfortable with them this way. Her eyebrows will be more natural but definitely filled in for a nice crisp look. As you can see I have a nice contour going on. I usually struggle with it but this turned out not too bad and I am pretty happy with it, I used Nars Contour Blush in Olympia. I also used highlighter which I really enjoyed. I used Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm and it's an extremely intense highlighter. I of course applied it above the cheek, up the bridge of my nose and under my eyes.

As you can kinda see I did a darker brown on the outside and then did a gradual gradient in towards my eye until I got to a shiny white. I used the Naked palette by Urban Decay for all the colours. As you may be able to see my eyeliner is SO not on point. I've been using the Benefit They're Real Liquid Liner and I am pretty unhappy with it. I can't get the precise lines I am used to and it ends up splotchy because sometimes the pen drags since you don't know when to pump more product out.

So this is my finished look! I really enjoyed it, I feel like it makes me look mysterious and kitten-like with the lashes! Hopefully my sister likes it, hers will be more dewey and we may change the colours up! My lips look funky in the photo above but I promise they were not actually!

BLINDED BY BEAUTY | Affordable Sunglasses


Hey kittens!

Who doesn't love sunglasses at an affordable price and awesome quality? I know I do! I was contacted by a company called GlassesShop.com and asked if I wanted to review some glasses and of course I did, glasses are awesome!

So the website has a lot to offer, they have normal fashion glasses, glasses with prescription lenses and even bifocal and progressive. As I mentioned they also have sunglasses which you can also get prescription lenses in and polarized!

I decided I'd love a pair of sunglasses, and since I wear contacts the majority of the time I didn't want to get prescription ones as awesome as that would have been, because once I took them off I would be blind and that sucks. I really am drawn to the cat eye shaped sunglasses so that's exactly what I chose to get!

I chose the sunglasses above because I really fell in love with the shape and love the decorative frame around the lenses which adds a bit of flare and nice contrast against the smooth look of the rest of the glasses. The lenses are very dark with a very slight light purple tint which is nice because I have incredibly light sensitive eyes.
The quality feels really nice, the frames feel very solid and are not flexible. The arms open and close very smoothly and you can feel that the arms are attached well and that they're strong. The nose pieces are molded into the frames which is my personal favourite because they don't dig into the bridge of your nose and leave marks.

They have nicely provided everyone with a coupon code to get 50% off of eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (SALE FRAMES EXCLUDED). The code is GSHOT50! So big thanks to them for providing you all with that! There is also the code FIRSTFREE which gets you your first pair free!

WISHFUL | Dresslink.com Wish List


Hey kittens!

It's been requested of my to write a wish list for the website Dresslink.com and I actually really adore a whole bunch of their things so I thought I would share with you!

This summer i've really been into the boho kind of look and I am loving crochet'd things right now so there's going to be mainly that. The reason I really enjoy sites like dresslink is because I am the kind of person who gets tired of her clothes quickly so I like to buy inexpensive clothing.

So there you have it, a small look at the things that I am really lusting for from www.dresslink.com! There will be a little haul coming up so you'll have to check back and see what exactly I picked out!

RAW | Pet Store Haul


Hey kittens!

This blog will be a little different from other because I have a pet store haul to show you today!
 Since the boyfriend and I have moved into our new home which is a large house with a large backyard we were able to finally bring his German Shepard, Sunny, to live with us! So of course this means we have to buy him some goodies! I'll also touch a bit on his new food that I am hoping to switch him to.

First up, he needed a nice solid leash, he's a very very large dog and can pull like crazy if he's determined! We chose to get him the Kong Traffic Dog Leash because it has an extra handle lower down on the leash to hold him closer. The handles are also padded with neoprene which is so comfortable on your hands!

The next thing we got him was the Poop Bags, these are important to always have on you because it's just plain rude and gross to leave your dogs poop on the ground. These one's are the Earth Rated PoopBags and they're lavender scented, not that I plan to get close enough to them to smell them haha!

We decided that he needed some treats, and recently I've been really looking into what we feed our animals because I feel it's so unnatural to eat weird kibbles with basically no nutritional value and filled with junk and fillers. We had never tried this brand before, VitaLife Turkey and Sweet Potato Bites, but we looked at the ingredients and they contain 6, the fact that they use human grade ingredients and they are apparently made in Canada, although I am a bit confused about that because if you go to their website it says Thailand.

Last, but not least, we purchased him a nice new tennis ball, which he destroyed in basically one chomp, but it was only a $1.00, he enjoyed it anyways!

Now, the new food we are looking into for Sunny is called The Honest Kitchen, we have yet to purchase it but I would like to make a whole blog just dedicated to that once we do!

PARTY ON | Center Of Gravity 2015


Hey kittens!

Last year the boyfriend and I and two other friends went to Kelowna to go to a three day long festival by Monster Energy. Center of Gravity is apparently the hottest beach festival in Canada, and this year it's July 24th-27th in Kelowna, BC.

Here's some photos from last year, because I'm 99% sure that I didn't show you guys these!

Here is beautiful Kelowna at night, I have to say that if I had the opportunity and it was right I would move to Kelowna in a heart beat. It's made up of trees, and hills, and SUN!

Also, lets not forget about the absolute amazing and delicious fruit farms where you can go into the fields with a bucket and collect the fruit you want. The one place made their own apple juice and wow I have never tasted something so amazing. We'll definitely have to stop there again and get some more.

On the way to Kelowna, between Revelstoke and Sicamous, there is this magical place called The Enchanted Forest which you should check out regardless if you're a child or not because it's pretty magical. It's way more than you can see here, it's actually huge. It was started in 1950. It opened to the public in 1960's, and there are now over 350 life size figurines and BC's tallest grandest treehouse that is 50 feet tall!

Here's me chillen on a huge fallen over log that they made it able to walk up.

Anyways, Back to the Festival! There are 60 performers that play all over the festival. Here's the map so you can get a feel for how awesome this actually is. It's a long 3 days going from morning to very late. I can't quite remember what time the festival closes its gates at but once it does there is an after party at another location.

I think we will be going back again this year, even though there are even less artists that I am personally interested in it's still an awesome experience and Kelowna is amazingly beautiful so it's definitely worth it!
Hey kittens!

Once again FarleyCo has given me the opportunity to host a giveaway for my Canadian subscribers! This giveaway is for a randomly chosen Montagne Jeunesse "Pamper Pack"!

Each pamper pack has 5 different face masks inside as you can see below, one of which will be randomly chosen for you. All you have to do is enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter down below!

Again, this is for CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. FarleyCo can only distribute in CANADA.
This giveaway will run from May 7th 12:00pm until May 21st 12:00pm.

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You can find Montagne Jeunesse masques available at Walmart, London Drugs, and select Pharmasave, Brunet, Lawtons, Uniprix, Jean Coutu and Overwaitea stores across Canada!
Hey kittens!

Today I have some really amazing shampoo + booster + conditioner to show you! I received this as my very first VoxBox (Although I was supposed to get the Canadian one but never received it)!

Here is the box it came in, I really enjoy when items are shipped in cute boxes that are personalized to the products being shipped in them. As you can see it included the shampoo, a booster, and a conditioner.

These products claim to expand your hair from inside. The filloxane penetrates and diffuses in the hair fibre causing it to expand from within. It recommends to get the best results to use the shampoo + booster + conditioner.

First of all, this product line smells amazing. I feel it's exactly what I want to smell when I think something is making my hair thicker and luscious. I really have no clue how to describe the smell other than amazing. 

As some of you may know I do have tape in extensions, and unfortunately they are pretty hurting and I can almost make them stand up without holding them because they're so fried, but using this line makes them feel seriously so good. They feel thick, soft, and the don't tangle. This usually only lasts me a day, but my actual hair feels amazing for up to three days and definitely does feel thicker.

There is also a fibralogy hair mask being sold, I would have loved to try it and my purchase it because I am really impressed with this product line. Here are the costs of the Fibralogy line on Walmart.ca

Shampoo: 385mL $3.92, 750mL $8.96
Booster: 30mL $3.92
Conditioner: 385mL $3.92, 750mL $8.96
Hair Mask: 300mL $3.92

So as you can see the prices are pretty dang good and reasonable for a drug store product, again I am pretty dang impressed and very happy I had the opportunity to share this with you and use the product!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

SWEET TOOTH | Dolls Kill


Hey kittens!

I rarely ever like dresses enough to consider wearing them. I own a bunch, but basically never wear them. This dress though, wow! Who could deny bloody teeth?! This dress is made by Sourpuss Clothing and can be found on Dolls Kill right HERE.

What do you think of this dress? Would you rock this?

SLIP + KNOT | Crochet


Hey Kittens!

Who loves crochet'd clothing? I know I do! Here are a few of my favourites that I have found online, and at a pretty decent price too.

There are absolutely adorable, I love how they're see thorough so it's still a little cheeky.

These come in a bunch of different colours for any outfit, I love this purple colour though!

I love these! I wish it was safer to walk on the ground in bear feet so that they could be cute alone, but then can be paired with shoes and still look cute!

These are definitely on my list to buy for the summer, they're so adorable and flattering.