MANLY MAN | Makeup for Men


Hey kittens!

I wanted to talk about makeup for men! It seems to be the stigma that men cannot wear makeup, but really they can. There are a bunch of little techniques that guys can do to wear makeup without looking like they are. I guess you would call it the "No makeup makeup look" for men!

Tinted BB cream: BB creams are basically primer, sun screen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation, just on a very light and tinted level.

Bronzer: If you're feeling like you want a little definition and colour to your face, just swipe a bit of bronzer across your eyes and cheek bones. You can even use it to contour your abs! A good bronzer that is recommend for guys is Hoola by Benefit.

Clear mascara / eyebrow gel: Both clear eyebrow and mascara can do wonders! The eyebrow gel can keep your eyebrows nice and tidy and keep them that way. The clear mascara can give your eyelashes a boost without any colour. If you feel the need to use a brown mascara because your lashes are blond make sure to purchase one that isn't lengthening. After you've applied it, take a clean mascara wand and brush out your eyelashes to make sure that there are no clumps and it looks natural.

Translucent Powder:
If you're a bit oily and want to stop this simply take a big fluffy brush and some translucent powder and roll it against your face, then take the brush and brush downwards all over your face to get the access powder off. Always use translucent power to set other makeup so that it lasts all day.

Of course if you're a guy and really into makeup the world is your oyster, haha! These are just SOME basics that can help enhance your look, whether you want to use this daily or just for modelling/photo shoot purposes!

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