LUST | Empty Casket

Hey kittens!

I was on the Empty Casket website, which is an absolutely stunning jewellery store, and I realized I wanted to share it with you because I adore their things and have such a huge wish list!

Empty Casket has a wide range of jewellery, home wares, and even some clothing. They have been around since 2010 and aim to provide affordable items that aren't available on the high street!

So here are some of their things I am so in love with! (The photos are click through to the product.)

Selenite Mountain Tea Light Holder£12.00

Bone Collector Necklace - £13.00

Witches Coven Russian Dolls - £14.00

Lilac Crystal Heart Chain Choker  - £15.00

Amethyst Nights Layered Necklace - £18.00

Gypsy Witch Collar Necklace - £22.00

I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are from Empty Casket so let me know!
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