A HOUSE | Part 2, Chapter 2!


Hey kittens!

I thought I should explain my lack of posts recently, and something new that is going to be happening in my life!

For lack of posts I really don't have much to explain other than the fact I just haven't been feeling well which also makes me very unmotivated to write posts and make videos because I'm just not feeling up to it, it sucks a lot but it's something I have to work through. I am by no means quitting blogging or Youtubing as it's my passion and I love it!

BUT that's all going to look up because we are moving into a house! We are currently living in a tiny apartment and have been for 6 months at the end of April and then we'll be moving to a quiet family friendly neighbourhood with a huge yard which means we get to bring Ryan's puppy home with us, it also has a fire pit which is super exciting because I love to have fires!

I'm so excited to move into this house, it's so perfect for us, and our two roommates! Hopefully the neighbours won't be too bad, we were warned before hand that they are a bit.. weird. When we were first looking at the house the husband walked by the window to see who we were haha. The second time we saw the house, the wife was at the window shaking her head at us as we were leaving, for no reason!

Since we'll have a lot more room as there is three whole floors, and an extra bedroom for everything, cheaper rent between all of us, and more people to help out around the house I'll have more time and funds to do things that I've wanted to do. I have been looking into making synthetic dreads, I would also like to learn how to crochet because that looks fun!

I'll have a new hair change, something I've never done before, which is synthetic dreads. I've been interested in them for a long time and just recently saw them again and thought I'd try them out! There will of course be a whole blog and video about them, where I got them and who made them, I really can't wait to show you guys and maybe I can finally be happy with my hair.

Anyways, I think this works for an update post! Expect more posts and videos shortly, I'm kickin' my butt back into gear!

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