ACIDIC | Disturbia Clothing - Tie-Dye


Hey kittens!

Why does it seem everything I find online that I love is in the UK?! Drives me crazy since I'm in Canada! Anyways, I wanted to share these dresses that are so perfect and they're from Disturbia Clothing.

I've seen these dresses floating around on the internet and I just think they're so cute. Who doesn't love monochrome tie-dye?

Unfortunately due to the conversion rates these dresses equal out to be more like $79.36 and $73.81 which is much too much for a dress at this time, no matter how absolutely lovely they look and how perfect they are!

You can kind the same dresses on DollsKill for a bit less although the storm tie-dye is out of stock!



Hey kittens!

Basically whenever it starts to become spring/summer time I get all excited for cute outfits, festivals, and good weather! I've slowly been collecting jewellery that I really enjoy wearing during these times and I recently found this website that sells the absolute perfect jewellery that I love!

Etched Buddah Cuff - £20

Filigree Bracelet - £8

Silver Coin Necklace - £16

Amethyst 3 Stone Filigree Ring - £10

Flower Coin Anklet - £12

Hamsa Hand Anklet - £7

I think I'll definitely have to add some of these things to my collection as they really would be perfect for summer!

BATTY | Omnia Oddities


Hey kittens!

I found this jewellery website, Omnia Oddities, the other day on Tumblr and I just had to share it with you because I am completely in LOVE with a certain ring they make. The ring is called Nocturne and it features two dainty bats holding up a 7mm center stone in their wings while grasping a 2mm little sparkling gem in their mouths. You have the choice to choose the metal, stones, and ring size of course. If there is a stone that isn't listed you can email them and they will try their best to help you get the one you want!

"Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea tray in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!"

The price starts out at $95 and is pretty much the same, except for if you change the metal to silver, and some stones! It's really a super affordable price for an absolutely stunning ring.

There website also sells so many more amazing things, they're definitely worth checking out!

LUST | Empty Casket


Hey kittens!

I was on the Empty Casket website, which is an absolutely stunning jewellery store, and I realized I wanted to share it with you because I adore their things and have such a huge wish list!

Empty Casket has a wide range of jewellery, home wares, and even some clothing. They have been around since 2010 and aim to provide affordable items that aren't available on the high street!

So here are some of their things I am so in love with! (The photos are click through to the product.)

Selenite Mountain Tea Light Holder£12.00

Bone Collector Necklace - £13.00

Witches Coven Russian Dolls - £14.00

Lilac Crystal Heart Chain Choker  - £15.00

Amethyst Nights Layered Necklace - £18.00

Gypsy Witch Collar Necklace - £22.00

I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are from Empty Casket so let me know!

A HOUSE | Part 2, Chapter 2!


Hey kittens!

I thought I should explain my lack of posts recently, and something new that is going to be happening in my life!

For lack of posts I really don't have much to explain other than the fact I just haven't been feeling well which also makes me very unmotivated to write posts and make videos because I'm just not feeling up to it, it sucks a lot but it's something I have to work through. I am by no means quitting blogging or Youtubing as it's my passion and I love it!

BUT that's all going to look up because we are moving into a house! We are currently living in a tiny apartment and have been for 6 months at the end of April and then we'll be moving to a quiet family friendly neighbourhood with a huge yard which means we get to bring Ryan's puppy home with us, it also has a fire pit which is super exciting because I love to have fires!

I'm so excited to move into this house, it's so perfect for us, and our two roommates! Hopefully the neighbours won't be too bad, we were warned before hand that they are a bit.. weird. When we were first looking at the house the husband walked by the window to see who we were haha. The second time we saw the house, the wife was at the window shaking her head at us as we were leaving, for no reason!

Since we'll have a lot more room as there is three whole floors, and an extra bedroom for everything, cheaper rent between all of us, and more people to help out around the house I'll have more time and funds to do things that I've wanted to do. I have been looking into making synthetic dreads, I would also like to learn how to crochet because that looks fun!

I'll have a new hair change, something I've never done before, which is synthetic dreads. I've been interested in them for a long time and just recently saw them again and thought I'd try them out! There will of course be a whole blog and video about them, where I got them and who made them, I really can't wait to show you guys and maybe I can finally be happy with my hair.

Anyways, I think this works for an update post! Expect more posts and videos shortly, I'm kickin' my butt back into gear!

MANLY MAN | Makeup for Men


Hey kittens!

I wanted to talk about makeup for men! It seems to be the stigma that men cannot wear makeup, but really they can. There are a bunch of little techniques that guys can do to wear makeup without looking like they are. I guess you would call it the "No makeup makeup look" for men!

Tinted BB cream: BB creams are basically primer, sun screen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation, just on a very light and tinted level.

Bronzer: If you're feeling like you want a little definition and colour to your face, just swipe a bit of bronzer across your eyes and cheek bones. You can even use it to contour your abs! A good bronzer that is recommend for guys is Hoola by Benefit.

Clear mascara / eyebrow gel: Both clear eyebrow and mascara can do wonders! The eyebrow gel can keep your eyebrows nice and tidy and keep them that way. The clear mascara can give your eyelashes a boost without any colour. If you feel the need to use a brown mascara because your lashes are blond make sure to purchase one that isn't lengthening. After you've applied it, take a clean mascara wand and brush out your eyelashes to make sure that there are no clumps and it looks natural.

Translucent Powder:
If you're a bit oily and want to stop this simply take a big fluffy brush and some translucent powder and roll it against your face, then take the brush and brush downwards all over your face to get the access powder off. Always use translucent power to set other makeup so that it lasts all day.

Of course if you're a guy and really into makeup the world is your oyster, haha! These are just SOME basics that can help enhance your look, whether you want to use this daily or just for modelling/photo shoot purposes!