SWEET AND CUTE | Jamberry Nails


Hey kittens!

Awhile ago I messaged a Facebook friend, Lynndy,  who sells Jamberry and wanted to try a sample. She gladly sent one out very quickly! I meant to do this for Valentine's Day but they were misplaced somehow in my tiny apartment!

How Lynndy presents her products is absolutely adorable and really reflects how much she cares. All of this came in a cute little envelope. As you can see she attached everything with cute tape, and even supplied a little nail file to make the application that much easier. She included a tiny thank you letter which is sweet and subtle. As you can see she wrote her website link on top of the instructions, it is www.lynndy.jamberrynails.net!

She sent me two different sizes of hot pink, and three different sizes of he cute dripping hearts. I absolutely adore this and love that she included a solid and a design so I could see the difference in quality if there was any. There wasn't!

She included application instructions which were clear and very easy to follow.

A close up of the cutie thank you note that she sent, it says " Just sitting here on the corner of awesome & bombdiggity". How nice!

I did create a video on my attempting to apply the nail appliqu├ęs and they're unfortunately not for me as I failed pretty badly. Perhaps I can get her to teach me the ways as I am sure they're an awesome product because they're very popular and a very quick growing company!


  1. That is such a cute way to package things x

  2. They are really nicely packaged.

  3. i like the design of these. nice shade of pink

  4. i really love the designs of jamberry nails

  5. Love the designs she sent you. Sucks that you weren't able to get them on. Did you use the a hair dryer to help soften the sticker?