HELLO THERE | March 1st!


Hey kittens!

Wow, it's March already. I can't believe how fast the time is going! I mean I feel it was just yesterday I moved out on my own with my boyfriend in November and now we're already looking for a new place to live in two months!

A bunch of things are going to be happening this month which I am super excited about.

As I mentioned above the boyfriend and I are moving out of our tiny apartment and into a house with two other friends. I am super excited because we finally get to bring Ryan's dog with us, it's going to be so nice having a dog again! Maybe I'll write a separate blog all about the cute and adorable Sunny. It'll be so nice living in a house again too, I'll have to adjust again to living with other people because now I'm used to just living with Ryan and the cats and Lydia my hedgie. I'm sure it will be an easy switch because one of the friends is a friend of both of ours for quite a few years, and the other is a friend of hers that we're acquaintances  with. I hope we can manage to find a place that suits all our needs.. like a walk in closet haha!

Another event that is happening is Ryan turns nineteen which is pretty cool, guess I better start planning some birthday plans for him, it's on the 14th so I only have 13 days now, ah!

And of course I have a bunch of amazing brands to show you and some really cool new ideas for my blog as well, like maybe a weekly or monthly interview with a brand I really love? That might be cool! Or maybe something like more giveaways? That could be a possibility too!

March means summer is coming soon and that's something I am super excited for. I love the summer months because they're warm and that means I can break out the cute outfits which means outfit posts, I really want to do more of those for sure.

I don't want this post to be too long so I'll end it here, TL;DR March is going to be awesome and you're gonna love it!

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