WANNA BONE? | Bones Lingerie


Hey kittens!

Wow I have an awesome shop to show you! I had seen the lingerie floating around on Tumblr and had fallen absolutely in love. I contacted the owner, April, and she was kind enough to send me something to review so I could share it with all of you! Her Etsy shop is Bones Lingerie.

Front View
Bones Lingerie is out of Los Angeles and April has been sewing for 5 years. She started up Bones Lingerie because she was obsessed with pin up girls and skulls and wanted to make lingerie that was beautiful and comfortable! She does accept custom orders/ requests and everything is made to order so please give up to 4 weeks before delivery!

Back View
She gave me the option to choose what I wanted but I simply couldn't, so I gave her a few options of my favourites and she chose this one! This particular set is called Watercolour Purple and Grey Bats. It's currently not on her Etsy shop but she has many more that are absolutely perfect.

The bottoms are high waisted with delicate black lace for the back and purple and grey water colour bats on the front. At first I was very unsure about the fit and was convinced that they wouldn't fit me until I actually put them on and they fit like an absolute dream! I purchased them in an XS.

Here's a up close photo of the back of the bottoms. It's see through which I personally think is so adorable. Just sheer enough for a little tease. 

For the top she used the same water colour purple and grey bats. The top is not padded which is why I did purchase it in the size 32C. I wanted to be able to wear this on top of my bras so I could wear it in the summer as a crop top and still feel comfortable with the way I looked.

 The top is very comfortable and none of the material is itchy or bothersome. The top has an adjustable band, and it also has adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

A close up of the water colour bats.

I absolutely adore Bones Lingerie and feel addicted with only one piece from the collection! Please feel free to check them out, you won't regret it!

Here are some links so that you can further check Bones Lingerie out!

ATOMIC STYLE | Atomic Jane Review


Hey kittens!

I have a cute clothing shop online to show you, it's called Atomic Jane. Atomic Jane has swimwear, club clothes, fashion corsets, sexy lingerie, and more! I was given the option to choose two things to make a review about so here they are!

The first item is this adorable faux leather bustier. I usually choose tops in XS-S but since this has a built in bra and I wanted it to fit over my bra, for maximum boobage, I chose it in M. For being a medium it fits incredibly well as I did have a concern that it would be too wide around but it isn't. It sits perfectly just above my belly button and is incredibly comfortable. It's priced at $58.00.

Front photo
Back photo

The second item I chose was a black lace bustier. I did choose to get this in a medium just like the first top because of the same situation. I really loved this top because it has the floral lace hanging lower than the top goes so it has cute see through bits. This top does sit a tiny bit lower because of this but it isn't an issue and still shows off your belly button. It's going to be perfect for summer and festivals! This shirt was $48.00.

Back photo
Front photo
 I would definitely recommend Atomic Jane if you're looking for club wear and fashion corsets (Not to be confused with actual waist training corsets). They even have a steam punk section which I think is pretty neat since it's such an interesting style!

NATURAL BRONZE | Thermalabs Organic Self Tanner


Hey kittens!

Thermalabs has come out with an Organic Self Tanner with a brand new formula for 2015! Personally, I really enjoy products that have organic products just because I feel better about it. Their certified organic ingredients are avocado oil, olive oil, Shea butter, cocoa seed butter an aloe leaf juice!

The tanner works over night so you can wake up with a beautiful, glowing tan! No sun, no dangerous rays, and you don't even have to leave the house! I like the last part the best haha!
If you don't like the results it gives you then you get your money back 100% which I really appreciate because there is nothing worse than that. 

When I tried the self tanner out on myself I didn't have any results. I had messaged them however and was told that sometimes this does happen. The active (DHA) ingredients in the self tanner reacts differently to different types of skin and on a rare occasion it may not effect it at all. I did do a body scrub beforehand on the exact spot so there may have been residue left over that wasn't letting the tanning lotion get to my skin. 

Thermalabs is not tested on animals which is awesome to see. Also fun fact, see that little jar with the 12 M in it? That means that the product is good for up to 12 months after you've opened it. A lot of products have this and you should always be aware of them!


You can check them out on their website http://www.thermalabs.com/home/, which by the way is beautiful, and they have an awesome informational blog http://www.thermalabs.com/home/medium-alternate/.

SCRUBBY SCRUB | Jealous Body Scrub


Hey kittens!

I was contacted by a company called Jealous Body Scrub, they are out of Vancouver, BC, and was asked if I wanted to try out their product, I of course said yes as I had never tried anything like it before! The scrub retails for $17.95 and shipping to Canada and USA are free, anywhere else is only $3.95! That's an amazing deal right there.

This is the adorably simple packaging and info card that came in the package. I adore the simplicity and feel it really reflects the feeling that this scrub gives you! The package is also a ziplock so that the product stays inside the package after you've used it, fresh and ready for the next time you need it.

On the back is some information including the all natural ingredients list, what the product can do for you, and how to use it! This product is actually pretty amazing, it gets rid of rough skin, cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis, and acne, all with its natural ingredients! But lets talk about the smell! It's absolutely amazing. I was sniffing my arm even after I had washed it off and it still smelled amazing. It smells like delicious coffee and coconut, filling your bathroom with an invigorating smell!

The card tells you in less detail what the back of the package did with a bit of humor! Jealous Body Scrub is a little dirty ;)! They recommend to do it in the shower, and I filmed a little review and just did a bit on my arm but I do recommend the shower as well, especially for full body application since it's pretty messy.

I did do a full body scrub the day after I filmed the Youtube video and I can honestly say that I am 100% impressed and my skin has never felt better. I used it on my face as well and it drastically improved my makeup application because it left my skin feeling absolutely amazing and smooth. I have dry skin because of where I live and it felt amazing after. I cannot get enough of it and will definitely be purchasing it again!

The product is literally finely ground coffee beans and white flecks which I would assume to be the cold pressed coconut oil. I would get a photo but it's quite messy haha! I did however film a Youtube video so you can see what it looks like there!

You can find Jealous Body Scrub at http://jealousbody.com/!
Instagram: Jealous_Body
Facebook: /JealousBody
Twitter: @JealousBody

FLAWLESS | Why Primer Is Your Best Friend!


Hey kittens!

I thought today that I would talk about primers and why they're your best friends. A lot of people don't realize that to have flawless makeup you have to have a flawless base! I always see people asking why their foundation isn't going on smoothly and usually the issue is that they didn't use primer! But there is more than just face primer, there is primer for basically every part of your face!

Face Primer:
Face primer is used to fill in lines and pores and even out your skin texture so that when you put your foundation on it will look flawless because you've already used something translucent or tinted to fill in the imperfections. It also ensures that your makeup will stay on all throughout the day and that you'll need less or no touch ups!

Eye Primer:
Eyelid primer can be translucent or tinted. It differs from the face primer because it's a lot more tackier so that the eyeshadow stays in place and doesn't crease, it also increases the vibrancy of the eyeshadow!

Lip Primer: I feel this is one that most people over look but it's super important.  If you're using a lip liner then sometimes you can skip the primer, but it's extra awesome if you do both. Lip primer will double ensure that your lipstick won't fade, feather, or transfer because the last thing you want to be worrying about all day is how your lipstick looks! Most have moisturizing qualities as well to keep your lips hydrated!

Now you know why primers are so important! If you haven't been using primers and your makeup hasn't been lasting all day that is usually the issue. Go to your favourite makeup store and check some out, there are many different brands to try!

SWEET AND CUTE | Jamberry Nails


Hey kittens!

Awhile ago I messaged a Facebook friend, Lynndy,  who sells Jamberry and wanted to try a sample. She gladly sent one out very quickly! I meant to do this for Valentine's Day but they were misplaced somehow in my tiny apartment!

How Lynndy presents her products is absolutely adorable and really reflects how much she cares. All of this came in a cute little envelope. As you can see she attached everything with cute tape, and even supplied a little nail file to make the application that much easier. She included a tiny thank you letter which is sweet and subtle. As you can see she wrote her website link on top of the instructions, it is www.lynndy.jamberrynails.net!

She sent me two different sizes of hot pink, and three different sizes of he cute dripping hearts. I absolutely adore this and love that she included a solid and a design so I could see the difference in quality if there was any. There wasn't!

She included application instructions which were clear and very easy to follow.

A close up of the cutie thank you note that she sent, it says " Just sitting here on the corner of awesome & bombdiggity". How nice!

I did create a video on my attempting to apply the nail appliqu├ęs and they're unfortunately not for me as I failed pretty badly. Perhaps I can get her to teach me the ways as I am sure they're an awesome product because they're very popular and a very quick growing company!

HELLO THERE | March 1st!


Hey kittens!

Wow, it's March already. I can't believe how fast the time is going! I mean I feel it was just yesterday I moved out on my own with my boyfriend in November and now we're already looking for a new place to live in two months!

A bunch of things are going to be happening this month which I am super excited about.

As I mentioned above the boyfriend and I are moving out of our tiny apartment and into a house with two other friends. I am super excited because we finally get to bring Ryan's dog with us, it's going to be so nice having a dog again! Maybe I'll write a separate blog all about the cute and adorable Sunny. It'll be so nice living in a house again too, I'll have to adjust again to living with other people because now I'm used to just living with Ryan and the cats and Lydia my hedgie. I'm sure it will be an easy switch because one of the friends is a friend of both of ours for quite a few years, and the other is a friend of hers that we're acquaintances  with. I hope we can manage to find a place that suits all our needs.. like a walk in closet haha!

Another event that is happening is Ryan turns nineteen which is pretty cool, guess I better start planning some birthday plans for him, it's on the 14th so I only have 13 days now, ah!

And of course I have a bunch of amazing brands to show you and some really cool new ideas for my blog as well, like maybe a weekly or monthly interview with a brand I really love? That might be cool! Or maybe something like more giveaways? That could be a possibility too!

March means summer is coming soon and that's something I am super excited for. I love the summer months because they're warm and that means I can break out the cute outfits which means outfit posts, I really want to do more of those for sure.

I don't want this post to be too long so I'll end it here, TL;DR March is going to be awesome and you're gonna love it!

RAW FISH | Who doesn't love some sushi?

Hey kittens!

Sushi is one of my favourite types of food and I thought I would share my love of it with you! It's delicious and also nutritious! Sushi is extremely good for you, and although it isn't every one's cup of tea it's certainly something you should try at least once and give it a chance!

Sushi is a Japanese food which consists of rice combined with seafood, vegetables, and sometimes fruit. It can be made with either brown or white rice, and it's most commonly made with raw seafood but you can get cooked seafood too. Raw fish without rice is called sashimi, and that's my personal favourite. Usually when you order sushi it comes with gari, which is ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Since sushi is made with raw fish it's very beneficial to your health because raw fish is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Lots of the other seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids which have many health benefits.

My personal favourite sushi is salmon sashimi, that's raw salmon. I also really enjoy California rolls which is the kind of sushi that most people have tried. California rolls are rolls of rice, with seaweed, avocado, and crab. Sometimes there are fish eggs on the rice but I personally don't like those.

Do you guys like sushi? Would you try it now?