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Hey kittens!

Today I am back to share a few cutie housewares that are available at Blame Betty that I feel like I totally need to match my already creepy cute decor.

First up is this adorable little Monster Tea Set featuring Frankenstein's Monster tea cup and a cutie little matching saucers. I drink tea almost every day so this is absolutely perfect!

Second up is an Arsenic and Cyanide Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, I don't have a salt and pepper shaker set yet as we don't use salt and pepper much but I think I could definitely make an exception for these cuties. I'm not sure how I would remember which is which though..

Last but not least these Tea Towel Set in X-Ray Skeleton. I already do have a little collection of spooky tea towels but these are a little bit more fancy than them and more decorative. The ones I have were from Target during Halloween! These would definitely look cute hanging off of my oven!