BAD ASS | Spike All Stud 8 Eye


Hey kittens!

This is a purchase I made awhile ago, around Black Friday and they are my Spike All Stud 8 Eye boots!

These boots go perfectly with my black vegan leather jacket paired with a denim vest overtop for a "get out of my way" look that you just don't want to mess with!


They were on sale on the Dr Martens Canada website but they seem to be gone now and only come in black studs or pink with pink studs (Which I totally need by the way!). I bought them for around $80 if I remember correctly and it was a awesome deal considering they were $389.99 originally at the time!

When purchasing these shoes something good to know is that they're VERY solid! They take quite awhile to break in and they do squeak a bit until you've done so. I am unsure if there are other ways to break in the boots other than just wearing them until they are, so it's a little annoying but the quality is amazing. I definitely recommend these for the mosh pit or the mall as they are stable and ready to kick ass!

A herpin' and a derpin'