APOCALYPTIC | Target Canada Liquidation


Hey kittens!

So last night the boy and I decided to adventure out and check out Target as the liquidation had just started that day! I needed a few things for my makeup kit and my ITEC exam that is coming up so we thought "ah why not!". 

WELL! I'll tell you "why not"! It was crazy! Even at 4:30 when we went, which was probably the worst time we could have gone because everyone was just getting off of work. 

Anyways here some photos so you can see what it looked like! 

This was the shoes! I'm not sure how much the percent was off of them but I'm going to assume 30% by how messy and picked over it was. But I mean seriously people! Can you not control yourselves and put everything back nicely? Absolutely ridiculous.

The makeup was 30% and I did pick up and few things, it as pretty picked over too so there wasn't a lot left but it looked basically the same as the shoes. 

You can see here how empty the store was, this was on the lower level and it was super empty! There was also only ONE cash register open! 

Anyways, I put everything I picked up back because it wasn't worth waiting in the lines at all. I'm going to attempt to go back earlier today (Which by the time you read this I will probably have already).

I just wanted to share with you the emptiness that is Target. I'm actually really sad to see it go as it was one of my favourite places and it had such cute stuff. I really don't think people gave it much of a chance to begin with which sucks. 

Good bye Target Canada! You were great while you lasted!