FUR BABIES | Life Update


Hello kittens!

I feel bad for not posting on here or Youtube but it was a much needed break, and as well my boyfriend Ryan was home for work for a month so I took advantage of that and we spent all the time in the world together, since he usually works for two weeks and then is home for one. Anyways! I'll be back to blogging and Youtubing as it is my passion and I am feeling a bit better now.

(This is the boyfriend and cat Pumpkin)

SO, back to the title of this blog, I have TWO new fur babies!

My first, being Lydia the albino hedgehog which I got actually a month ago (November 11th)! She's six months old now and a pleasure. I didn't know what to expect when I got a hedgehog but it's been awesome. She's a handful and needs attention everyday, and a lot of maintenance but it's really great.

Then there is my most recent fur baby, a cute little 9 week old kitten. His name is Lucipurr and he has an Instagram, It's @theadventuresoflucipurr! I hadn't realized how much of a handful kittens are, but it's definitely worth it. He literally never stops ripping around the house like crazy, including at night which leaves me a little tired lately. We've had him a week so far and he's already growing and changing colours in his fur.

And so this is my growing little family, and I couldn't be happier!

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