FREE SPACE | Free Up Space On Your iPhone


Hey kittens!

A little different blog here today, I am going to share a little secret that can really help you out!

I had an issue on my iPhone 5s where I literally had 0 MB left on my phone. That means no space, I couldn't even play Snapchat videos, let alone film them! I knew this couldn't be right because I had very minimal photos, almost no music, and hardly any apps. My boyfriend always did this little trick but of course I never listened. After doing this trick I had 6 GB free on my 16 GB phone.

So, here it is!

Step 1: Plug your phone into your laptop/computer and BACK IT UP.

Step 2: Once it's done backing up, click RESTORE IPHONE. (I know, it sounds crazy but just do it!)

Step 3: It'll ask you to back up your iPhone again, I do this just for good measure.

Step 4: Choose "From Backup", Since you want all your stuff back, right?

Step 5: Enjoy! You now have a BUNCH of space on your phone again!

You may have to put your music back on like I did, and that wasn't an issue for me since I have it all on that same laptop. 

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! I am absolutely ecstatic about it because now I can be active on social media unlike before because it was such a hassle to even take a photo.

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