PRETTY IN LACE | Lace Jumpsuits


Hey kittens!

Summer trend alert? I think so! I've been seeing lace jumpsuits recently and I definitely feel they are going to be staple!

This one for example, is a lovely chiffon and lace spaghetti strap jumpsuit which I am just dieing for!
It can be purchased at Romwe (in black of course) for $16.00 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

This second one is made from 100% cotton with a gauzy feel, it has long sleeves and is a button down. Features a drawstring waist with tassels. It can be purchased at Free People!


Do you guys agree with me that these will be a summer staple? 

Hey kittens!

Today I have an awesome review for you about I Love...'s Raspberry & Blackberry Body Spritzer!
Honestly, this body spritzer has the perfect scent. It's light and refreshing and perfect for Valentine's Day! Smell delicious, feel delicious! It doesn't irritate my skin and I do have sensitive skin so it's delicate enough!

These little babies go for $4.99 and they're sold exclusively in-store at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I Love... also has shower creams, which are amazing, for $9.99, and body butters for $9.99 and you can get all three products in the scents including Raspberry & Blackberry, Coconut & Cream, Strawberry & Cream and Mango & Papaya!

You can find I Love... Twitter: @ILoveHQ Instagram: ILoveOfficial

Currently I am being offered an opportunity to share a giveaway with you where you can win one I Love... product of your choice as well as a key locket as seen above. OFFERED ONLY TO CANADIAN RESIDENTS.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to enter the giveaway!

R + W | Rouge and the Wolf


Hey kittens!

I have an amazing jewellery company to share with you today, The Rogue and the Wolf!
This company creates 3D printed jewellery and taxidermy for avant-garde fashion lovers.

My personal favourites are the rings made from polyamide, which are their pitch black rings. As I am sure you're aware, I am obsessed with black, so these rings are perfect. There are midi rings, which sit on the first part of your finger, and they make normal rings which of course sit below your knuckles.

Here are some of my dream pieces!

"Occult" midi ring

"Conquer" ring

"Hunt" ring

"Corrupt" ring

I hope you all enjoyed this little peak at what The Rogue and The Wolf have to offer and please go check them out!

NEW PROJECT | What Do You Think?


Hey kittens!

Many a time I have had an idea in my head about something I wanted to start and then either it couldn't happen, it failed, or I just got bored. This time it's my hopes to not quit on this project and to actually go through with it. I believe it's possible anyways!

Here is something I have created and I want to share with you all.

I do want to start my own clothing company, and with all the time I have there's no reason I shouldn't continue with it! The things I will sell will be alternative, pin up inspired, creep cute things! Varying from jewellery to clothing to stickers!

This has been a dream of mine for many years, even when I was in high school and now I think I can really make this happen for myself, of course with the support of everyone!



Hey kittens!

Here is my absolutely gorgeous new hair! Now, the story is kind of ridiculous, but none the less turned out to be beautiful in the end.

The first photo is my actual hair, it's getting pretty long! The photo below it, unfortunately, are the extensions I received from THIS seller on THIS Ad for hair extensions. As you can see they did not come as shown in the photo. Luckily my amazing friend, Meghan, at Urban Fringe Salon in Calgary, Alberta was able to turn those extensions into what I really wanted.

I have to get it toned again, because it has faded from silver to a light ashy blonde, but that's simple and an easy fix which will happen to all hair that is toned over time and washes.

And surprise, I cut my bangs into cute Bettie bangs and you can view my tutorial on it HERE!

FREE SPACE | Free Up Space On Your iPhone


Hey kittens!

A little different blog here today, I am going to share a little secret that can really help you out!

I had an issue on my iPhone 5s where I literally had 0 MB left on my phone. That means no space, I couldn't even play Snapchat videos, let alone film them! I knew this couldn't be right because I had very minimal photos, almost no music, and hardly any apps. My boyfriend always did this little trick but of course I never listened. After doing this trick I had 6 GB free on my 16 GB phone.

So, here it is!

Step 1: Plug your phone into your laptop/computer and BACK IT UP.

Step 2: Once it's done backing up, click RESTORE IPHONE. (I know, it sounds crazy but just do it!)

Step 3: It'll ask you to back up your iPhone again, I do this just for good measure.

Step 4: Choose "From Backup", Since you want all your stuff back, right?

Step 5: Enjoy! You now have a BUNCH of space on your phone again!

You may have to put your music back on like I did, and that wasn't an issue for me since I have it all on that same laptop. 

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! I am absolutely ecstatic about it because now I can be active on social media unlike before because it was such a hassle to even take a photo.



Hey kittens!

Today I have an awesome website to share with you, it's . is a website that sells hair extensions. They are hair extension experts and they're passionate about hair because it's an extension of your unique personalities. They sell various hair extensions that are high quality and their prices are unbeatable.

They even sell tape in hair extensions, for a very reasonable price I might add, so I wish I had known about this site sooner! I will definitely be ordering from them the next time I need some hair extensions.

Abhair has clip in's, virgin hair, coloured wefts, tape in's, wigs, and hair pieces so there are so many options that there will definitely be something for you!


Basically everything I have seen on their website is under $100 which is an amazing deal. They even have wigs, like the one shown above, for $9.99! You literally cannot go wrong with that!

So again, the website is so please check them out!

CHOP CHOP | Hair Surprise

Hey kittens!

So surprise, surprise I got bored of my hair and cut it!

I haven't had cute little bangs in quite awhile, since my blue hair I believe? It was time for a much needed change. Although the middle part made me look older I just love me some bettie bangs! I may slowly make them shorter and more rounded but that will come in time!

My hair was a lot more silver before but unfortunately it has faded a lot! This is what it looked like when it was first done. I'll have to mix up some toner to get this again.

Seeing the different really makes me realize that I need it toned badly haha!

FUR BABIES | Life Update


Hello kittens!

I feel bad for not posting on here or Youtube but it was a much needed break, and as well my boyfriend Ryan was home for work for a month so I took advantage of that and we spent all the time in the world together, since he usually works for two weeks and then is home for one. Anyways! I'll be back to blogging and Youtubing as it is my passion and I am feeling a bit better now.

(This is the boyfriend and cat Pumpkin)

SO, back to the title of this blog, I have TWO new fur babies!

My first, being Lydia the albino hedgehog which I got actually a month ago (November 11th)! She's six months old now and a pleasure. I didn't know what to expect when I got a hedgehog but it's been awesome. She's a handful and needs attention everyday, and a lot of maintenance but it's really great.

Then there is my most recent fur baby, a cute little 9 week old kitten. His name is Lucipurr and he has an Instagram, It's @theadventuresoflucipurr! I hadn't realized how much of a handful kittens are, but it's definitely worth it. He literally never stops ripping around the house like crazy, including at night which leaves me a little tired lately. We've had him a week so far and he's already growing and changing colours in his fur.

And so this is my growing little family, and I couldn't be happier!