VELVET SMOOTH Twelve Days of Christmas 2014: Day 1


Hey kittens! So here is the beginning of my twelve days of Christmas again! I started this last year and although I did start it earlier last year I am starting it on December 1st this year so here we go!

Hey guys, so day 1 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The first gift idea I have for you is Lime Crime! Although I did have this last year as well they are ALWAYS a favourite of mine!

What you get:
  • A gorgeous selection of many different colours of lipsticks, Velvetines, and carousel gloss, and now eyeshadows and nailpolishes!

Why I think this is a good gift:

If you like wearing lipstick you HAVE to try these! They're stunning and they go on flawlessly. I own a few myself and I am just waiting until I can afford all of them! Seriously, check them out! They have a whole bunch of new shades of Velvetines now and their lipstick shades never get old!

Where can you purchase this:

You can purchase this from HERE!

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