BIRTHDAY | I Turn 20 Today!


Hey kittens!

Wow, today is my day of birth and I am 20 years old today! The time has passed so fast, I remember it just like it was yesterday..

Haha just kidding, I really don't remember it like it was yesterday so that's why I'm not too panicked at being half way to 40 because I don't even remember the first 10 years so does that really count haha!

My plans for today consist of getting ready, going to birthday lunch with my mom to Local, then waiting until Ryan comes home from his training and then going to birthday supper at my favourite place, Japanese Village!

Ryan got me an adorable Thrasher hoodie for my birthday, as well as money for hair extensions, my mom got me my cute Michael Kors wedges and scratch cards and my dad gave me money!

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