SPOOKY IN NOVEMBER? | Collective Haul from Winners and Ardenes


Hey kittens!

So a few days ago I went shopping with my friend and I picked up some creepy cute things that I just had to show you all! To my absolute delight there were still Halloween things at the two stores we went to! I unfortunately missed out on Halloween shopping for the most part because I was moving into my own apartment at the time.

First we'll start with Winners. My friend and I were browsing around and she noticed this adorable picture and convinced me to buy it, I mean after all how could I say no to Halloween decor? It didn't have a price on it but when I brought it to checkout they told me it was $19.99, personally I think it should have been cheaper since it is from Halloween but I wasn't going to complain!

Next we went to Ardenes's and they were having a bunch of awesome sales for Black Friday. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I then saw these adorable boy shorts that I love to sleep in, AND they were Halloween! You could buy one pair for $7.50 or all three for $15.00 so clearly I went for the three for $15.00 because I couldn't pass up a good deal like that.

Next right beside the cutie undies were some cute cardigans and sweater! I really don't have a lot of cardigans so I started looking for one and this caught my eye! I reminds me of Beetlejuice and it was 50% off the original price! It was $34.50 and 50% so it came to $17.25. I bought it in a size medium because the size small was still too large to fit how it's supposed to but not big enough to be cute so I just bought it bigger to make it like a slouchy cardigan!

So that's what I bought and I hope you enjoyed my little haul for you all!

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