MAC Class: Trends


Hey Kittens!

I thought I would talk about the MAC class I attended on November 2nd! It was complimentary, which was nice because who doesn't enjoy free things! We learnt about trends for this season which it was basically all about embracing your actual beauty and not covering it up and just enhancing the beauty you have instead of altering it. I absolutely loved that, because I think it is important to know how to do that because not everyone wants to hide their natural beauty.

She showed us where to apply products and how, and what certain MAC products can do and are used for which I enjoyed learning! I hadn't ever been to a MAC before because whenever I went in it was either extremely busy and I couldn't get to the products or I didn't have time to stop and look!

Everyone there was actually so nice, which was surprising because all I have ever heard was bad things about MAC and people who worked there! It actually makes me really want to work there and I think I could do it too! Perhaps after I get a starter makeup job, we shall see! But it would be super amazing to work there!

So it's got me thinking, I did purchase a few things from there and I decided I would write one blog about each product and what I thought everyday for you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

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