Hey kittens!

So awhile back I finally went to LUSH and purchased some bath bombs. I had been wanting to try them for such a long time but I didn't have a bathtub to try them in! I finally moved homes into my own apartment (Apartment tour soon!) and now I have a bath tub!

Here are the two beautiful bath bombs I purchased! I chose a bubble bar called The Comforter which smells like Blackcurrant and Phoenix Rising which is an apple cinnamon bath bomb!

Here's a closer look at the two beauties! Apparently I chose two popular ones, because I went in not knowing what any of them were or what they did and just picked what I thought was cute! I knew I wanted bubbles so of course I chose a bubble bar and then I knew I liked glitter so I chose the bath bomb that I did!

I am pretty impressed and definitely addicted to both of them and LUSH in general so I'll definitely be back for more! I'll do some research and see which ones I will like the best, I wish I didn't miss out on their Halloween collection but the Christmas collection looks adorable too!

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