Home Sweet Coffin


Hello kittens,

since I am moving into my very first own apartment all alone, well including my adorable cat pumpkin, I get to decorate it however I like! If you know me this means that it's going to be super creepy and cute! I thought I would make a blog about some of the things that I would eventually like for my home and can hopefully purchase!

At first I had debated whether I wanted a normal sofa, L shape with a pull out bed but I then decided I wanted to get two chaise lounges instead, and in leopard! I am actually looking into one that looks exactly like this! I think it would be perfect for my new home and would add style that I enjoy! I certainly wouldn't want to live in a boring home!

Second, I KNOW I need some cutie animal skeletons chilling around my house! I absolutely adore these two bats which you can find HERE and HERE!

I also want to make a pair of deer antlers I have into either a coat hanger or jewellery hanger! Mine won't be painted but you get the jist!

This is just a small look into some of the things and the theme I want to bring into my home! Animals, black, and creepy! Halloween 24/7, since that's what I enjoy! I can't wait to move into my home, on the 1st, so I can start filming regularly and showing you guys how I decorate and maybe get into some DIY's! 

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