Pulp Horror Black Milk Clothing Release!


Hey kittens!

Holy, it's been a long time since I did a blog! I've FINALLY moved to Calgary and have kind of settled into our new house, we've been here a week and I have done 3 days of school so far!

BUT ANYWAYS, we have more important things at hand, like Black Milk's Halloween release! They released the Pintrest board today (HERE) and I am pretty excited, but having a bit of a dilemma! What do I buy!

Here are the few main things I need to get my hands on!

Nosferatu Reversible Crop (WW 48HR $45AUD / US - LIMITED $40USD)

Braaains Skater Skirt (WW $50AUD / US - LIMITED $45USD)

Mummy Returns Long Sleeve Dress (WW $99AUD / $94 USD)

Free Spirit Reversible Skater Dress (WW 48HR $85AUD / US - LIMITED $80USD)

Now, of course I want all of it, but should I? Can I justify $279 on four amazing, quality pieces of nylon I will love and cherish for years? I know for sure I want everything but the Mummy dress! I want the Mummy dress for Halloween and I know I would be able to wear it for many Halloweens to come, and I'd usually spend a bit on a Halloween costume anyways.. soooo.. it's like I'm spending $180 on three staple pieces in my wardrobe and $99 on a Halloween costume!

Two of the pieces are 48h so that's awesome, but the other two I have no clue yet, although I am assuming they have enough for the majority of people since they're not limited!

I guess we shall see!

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