Boating and Relaxing


Hey kittens!

So this weekend a few things happened!
I flew down from Alberta to Vancouver Island to visit my dad, and he really wanted me to come down because it was his birthday weekend and he was playing with his band at a local bar! It was super cool to see them play and there were lots of people there really enjoying it, all of our friends and family came out to support them. And I also had beer dumped all over me on purpose, not too thrilled about that. Me and my friend were sitting at a booth with two guys and it was the end of the night and there friend comes up and literally takes his beer and pours it on all of us! For no reason! As well as earlier in the night he basically did the same thing except all over the table and it sprayed on us. It was not cool and we just left after that!

 Then the next day I went boating with my dad and other family and my friend, we went from like 12:00 to around 8:30 by the time we got back, it was nice and we just laid out on the front of the boat, and my shoulders got a little burnt! I finally got to wear my Triangl bikini in Indiana Ice for once! I was super excited for that! And then when we got back we decided we were going to drive to see our friend who was like two hours away and got a little lost but we eventually made it and then we stayed the night there and came back in the morning, which is when I am writing this.

I just wanted to make a short and simple blog for you all to know how my weekend went because I enjoy blogging about my life as well as beauty and fashion!

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