I'm Going Camping?!


Hey kittens!

So I am going camping for like 5-6 days! Say what?!

I am not a huge fan of camping but I guess I'm about to go for like almost a week haha!

But I was searching for things to bring camping, since I really don't know, and I found these awesome tents!

This one is my favourite! I think that if I could camp in this tent it would be pretty awesome and I would love camping! I mean sure it's just the outside of the tent but whatever! It would totally make it way better!

Like look at this giant book tent?! Don't you think that would basically be the coolest thing ever?!

Or you could even sleep in a samich (Yes, samich)!

These tents come from a website called www.FieldCandy.com and they're the coolest things I have ever seen, well one of the coolest things anyways haha!

I guess this was just a small, non beauty related post to show you some awesome tents and that I will be away for like a million days camping and I won't have service! OH THE HUMANITY! But I think I will survive!

Tell me what you think about these tents!

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