Fly My Pretties! Fly!


Hey kittens!

I have finally achieved witch status!

So a few days ago I finally took the plunge and got gel nails again! I hadn't had a good past with them because they were never how I wanted them and now finally I have them! Pointy, beautiful, and black!

I am totally in LOVE with these nails, they're super adorable and they're the puurrrrfect shape! My pinky finger is my favourite because it's so tiny!

I just had to share these with you, and since my nails are so tiny she only charged me for a fill instead of a whole set! Yay for tiny fingers and nails!

How do you feel about pointy nails an would you get them?

The Little Black Book of Bronzers!


Hey kittens!

So I thought I would bring this up, as many other bloggers are, because it's pretty amazing if you ask me! Who wouldn't want a huge (And I mean huge, it's bigger than your head!), although I only can go off of pictures because I personally do not have the book!

Too Faced has come out with this HUGE book, filled with eight different bronzers for a pretty good price of $139! Considering if you were to buy all of these separately at $30 a piece it would cost you $280!

(Photo credit goes to
  • Chocolate Soleil & Milk Chocolate Soleil: Antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte bronzers create an all-over natural tan.
  • Snow Bunny: Four luminous shades blend together for just the right amount of sun-kissed, natural radiance.
  • Bronzed & Poreless: Infused with pore-banishing and skin-smoothing benefits for flawless-looking skin with all-over natural warmth.
  • Pink Leopard: Trio of skin-brightening and bronzing pigments that combine for a glorious all-over glow.
  • Beach Bunny: Custom-blend bronzer combines four sun kissed shades for a skin perfecting, summertime tan any time of year.
  • Endless Summer: Stay all day universal bronzer creates a lit-from-within bronzed glow that lasts 16-hours or more.
  • Sun Bunny: Original bronzer features slight pink undertone in the dual shade palette that mimics the flush of a real tan.

Like I said, this book is huge! I don't know how into bronzers I am, so it's hard to tell if I want it! I'll probably give in and buy it just at the last minute once everyone else already has it, like I did with Naked 3!

Should I purchase this huge book?

I'm Going Camping?!


Hey kittens!

So I am going camping for like 5-6 days! Say what?!

I am not a huge fan of camping but I guess I'm about to go for like almost a week haha!

But I was searching for things to bring camping, since I really don't know, and I found these awesome tents!

This one is my favourite! I think that if I could camp in this tent it would be pretty awesome and I would love camping! I mean sure it's just the outside of the tent but whatever! It would totally make it way better!

Like look at this giant book tent?! Don't you think that would basically be the coolest thing ever?!

Or you could even sleep in a samich (Yes, samich)!

These tents come from a website called and they're the coolest things I have ever seen, well one of the coolest things anyways haha!

I guess this was just a small, non beauty related post to show you some awesome tents and that I will be away for like a million days camping and I won't have service! OH THE HUMANITY! But I think I will survive!

Tell me what you think about these tents!

TRIANGL bikini in Indiana Ice (Modelling!)


Hello kittens!

So as promised here are the photos of me in the bathing suit! I work with what I have which is poor lighting in a basement, but I make it work! 

And there you have it! I didn't want to add them to the review blog because that was a review on the actual bathing suit! I don't do a lot of modelling at all but it's something I am interested in and you have to start somewhere!

Leave a comment if you like the photos!

TRIANGL Bikini in Indiana Ice Review!

Hello kittens!

So today I have a super exciting blog for you today, which goes with the video I just put up on Youtube on the left there!

I had seen people wearing TRIANGL bathing suits and underwear sets and I wanted one for my own, so I purchased one!

I had fallen in love with the Indiana Ice bathing suit but wasn't sure if I would really like it or not seeing how I had never seen one in real life and didn't know if it would go see through or not!

Upon getting the bikini I found out that this is literally THE best bikini out there, in my opinion. It is made from a material called Neoprene which is what wet suits are made out of! Now you might be thinking that this would be weird to wear as a bikini but you would be wrong! Since the entire bikini is made out of Neoprene it is amazing, it's thick, fits purrrfectly, and is snug!

The bathing suit also came with this adorable bag/backpack made out of the same material and colour! I was excited about that because who doesn't love a matching bag with your bathing suit (Now if only I had a matching towel!).

Once you're done with the bathing suit they say to run it under water so there is no salt water or chlorine and then let dry in the shade and make sure it is flat. As Neoprene can wrinkle. If it does wrinkle they say to iron it, but not on the neoprene!

This is the bathing suit! Isn't it adorable and amazing?! I think so! Seriously, I am thrilled to have this bathing suit in my possession and to wear it when it gets nicer! It makes me look tanner, which is something I am trying out this year, and I love it. The bottoms are perfect on me and they show just enough booty to be flirty but not enough that it's too revealing!

This is a close up of the bottoms! You can tell how thick they are and kind of get a feel for the material. Plus it has a cute tag on it (I have a thing for tags)! I was so happy that the bathing suit did have black on the inside because like I mentioned before I had no clue if it would go see through when wet! I guess I still don't actually know,  but I have my hunches that it won't!

Like I mentioned in the video at the top (or HERE) I love when clothing, purses, accessories, or bathing suits in this case, have that special little thing that makes them seem high end and like they put effort into their product and that they care! These little weights are just black squares with the word Triangl in it!

What do you think of Triangl and their bikini's and underwear sets? 

In my next blog I will post photos of me in it! HERE