Way Back When! The Black Maxi Skirt!


Hey kittens!

So perhaps you remember way back when, last summer, when I really started blogging religiously? I had mentioned my love for black maxi skirts/dresses and how I wanted one? (HERE)

Well! I have finally purchased one! Although I don't know if I like it on me?! I'll try it out though.

I purchased it from Giant Tiger (I know, so high-class!), but it's pretty cute. It's black (Duh) and it has two slits up the side. I don't know if I like the slits up the side per say, maybe just one would have done it good, but it still works.

I want to pair it with my black crop top, but I have misplaced it, sadly. It's lost forever in my huge amounts of clothes I own! Just kidding.. I'll find it eventually!

It's this skirt, right HERE. In case you were wondering, I purchased it for $12. Luckily (?) I am small enough to fit into children's clothes sometimes!


I don't have any pictures of me in it yet, but that's okay! You can't see here that it has two slits on the sides but I promise it does!

It comes in sizes S - XL! So if you're interested in a simple black maxi skirt check out Giant Tiger!

How do you feel about maxi skirts?!

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