Real Techniques and Eco Tools 2014 Release!


Hey kittens!

So Eco Tools and Real Techniques have been kind enough to send me some of their new brushes for 2014!

 This is the package that I received and as you can see it introduces the new brushes as well as Nic Champman!

Now this is something that I am pretty interested in, I am not really into face things, but I do want to try this. It's supposed to be something you use to clean your face with and it softens when wet! It's made from vegetable fibbers so I will definitely have to tell you guys how it turns out working!

I LOVE this brush! It is SO dense with bristles, its amazing. I did use it with my bb cream and I can say that this is amazing for it. They really did a great job when creating this brush. It applies it so nicely and I love the angle it has. It gets into the creases and leaves it smooth looking.

Real Techniques welcomes Nik Champman to the company, she's joining her sister Sam and are creating brushes now! They are the Pixiwoo Sisters!

This is something I was VERY excited to receive! I had wanted a sponge for a long time, and I was looking at the Beauty Blender but that was a bit pricy for me to spend on a sponge, so when I received this I was so happy!

I have tried this and I very much enjoy it, it really applied your foundation so nicely, and I used it dry and I just love it!

I am really excited for this brush as well, because I am always wanting to create cool makeup looks but I have never had the perfect brush for detail! I haven't tried this yet, but I can tell it will be amazing. It has no bristles because it is made with a silicone tip so it can't have stray hairs, because there are none, and it will be easy to wash and switch colours because it will dry instantly!

Overall, I totally recommend these four beauty tools! Although two I haven't tried, I have felt them and played with them and it's very clear that they are quality and good and will definitely get the job done!

Which brushes are you interested in and what do you think about them?!

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