Nikki Lipstick! Hellyeah!


Hey kittens!

So I recently bought a car (a cute 2013 Jetta in Charcoal Grey which I will be making pink soon!) and I haven't been spending much before that or recently at all because I had to save for it! But I just can't live that way!

So I finally gave in and bought a few things, and will be buying a few more things after that! But here  is what I have recently bought from Nikki Lipstick!

I had seen she was having an awesome sale on her stuff, 40% off when you use the code HELLYEAH  at the checkout, and I couldn't resist!

I purchased two things, the Supreme Witch Sweater and the I Wake Up In My Makeup shirt!
The shirt was basically for free, considering 40% off of my purchase was around $35!

The Supreme Witch sweater is a relaxed fitted thin off the shoulder long sleeve, it's available in cropped or full length. I think I purchased it in the full length! It's an off the shoulder, and it's limited edition! It costs $50 but I think it was a fair price because of the discount code!

The I Wake Up In My Makeup shirt is apparently "For all you makeup junkies out there" and I thought that applied to me, especially considering I do sleep with my makeup on half the time haha! You could purchase this skirt in either white or black, and I purchased it in white because I thought it looked cuter! It costs $35, which like I said basically I got for free because of the discount code!

Do you love Nikki Lipstick too?!

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