Have you noticed?!


Hey kittens!

So recently, basically this past week, I have seen a BUNCH of brands, bands, people talking about witches, especially from the 90's!

So naturally this means Sabrina the Teenage Witch! For some of them anyways, like Blackmilk Clothing!

Limecrime has come out with three new velvetine's and have branded them with the witchy label "Bitch Craft".

Blood on The Dance Floor has a CD called Bitch Craft coming out, I only stumbled across this one.

And that's just a few that I have noticed!

I absolutely love that, I love witches and all things witchy and "bitch" craft! So of course I am excited, but I just thought I would bring it to your attention too!

Have you noticed the recent Bitch Craft White Craft phase?!

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