Winner's Haul!


Hello Kittens!

I went to Winner's yesterday and purchased a few cute shirts and a pair of leggings! I then went back today to buy another pair of the leggings, and two brush holders!

So, here's the first shirt. It's incredibly soft, and it's also a crop top! If you know me, you know I love cats, so when I saw this I just thought it was purrrfect! It was $9.00!

This shirt here was an instant buy as soon as I saw it, I adore bats and I can't ever find anything with bats on them, so I thought this was just amazing. I almost wish I could black out everything but the cross, but I don't see that going over well, so I won't! It's also a crop top! It was $9.00

I had seen this shirt online quite a few times and I absolutely loved it, so as soon as I saw it I scooped it up! It's hilarious and totally relevant to my life! This is also a crop top, and the sleeves go just past my elbows! It was priced at $9.00

I had been kinda looking for a pair of leggings for awhile, since I bought my very first pair about two and a half years ago and they had gotten a little bit worn, I had gone back the next day and bought another pair because I loved them so much! They were $5.00!

Last but not least, I bought these two "pencil holders" because they match my makeup tray and I needed something to hold all my brushes because what I am currently using just isn't cutting it, plus these match better! They were $2.99 each!

I am super excited to wear the shirts in the summer because they're absolutely adorable, and soft, and purrrfect for me! I will be filming this as a haul on my Youtube so keep an eye out for it at!

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