Are You Daisy Crazy?


Hey kittens!

I thought I would make a blog about the semi recent daisy craze that has been going on! And I can't say I am hating it aha!

I have been noticing A LOT of things with daisies on them now, big and small, So I thought, hey! Let's make a blog about it and point you into the direction of where to get items of clothing with daisies on them so you can be daisy crazy too!

First on my list is Forever 21, as I was browsing their website I saw a bunch of daisy things!
(Since there will be many items to show you, they will be clickable to where you can purchase them!)

I'm loving this daisy top because it's pink instead of black like you usually see! (What?! Did I really just say that!) 
Next you have adorable jewellery to go with your adorable daisy clothing! Perhaps a necklace? Headband? Earrings?
This crop top is actually something that I would consider buying for myself, it's off the shoulder and adorable!
I am in love with this bathing suit top, especially paired with these retro high waisted shorts!
If you want to be more subtle with your daisies then this hat is perfect for you! But, on the other hand if you want to be bold with your daisies then this necklace is for you!
And of course you need that staple dress for the summer!
And last but not least we have cosmetics! Makeup brushes and the bag to go with them, so fab!

So, that is a whole bunch of stables for your wardrobe this summer based around daisies! They can be subtle or bold, small or big, pink or black! They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours! So if you didn't see something here that you liked because it wasn't quite right, there is someone out there who has made it and you'll just have to look around!

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