Hey kittens!

So I am here today to introduce you to a online store called SammyDress!

SammyDress is a global online fashion store that is always up on the latest trends, and for cheap! They have a wide range of items from clothing of any style and wedding dresses to clothing for kids and toys!

SammyDress offers the website in five languages including English, French, Spanish, and more! They also have a currency converter for almost any currency so that your shopping experience is easy and you never have to guess on prices. They have warehouses located in USA, Europe and Asia to make sure your package ships out the fastest way it can and reach you quickly! If you run into any problems or have any questions SammyDress has a 24 hour live chat service to help you.

Now, onto the most important part! The amazing clothes!
There is literally something for everyone on the website, and for a very affordable price!

Here are some of my favourites and their prices and a link to them!

This cardigan comes in the colours red and grey!
I really wanted to find a link to the pants as well, but I could not locate them!

I am in love with this! I've never worn a cloak before but this looks absolutely adorable and you can't beat that price!

I love this bathing suit, I am a huge fan of polka dots as well as vintage style bathing suits!

One of my absolute favourite parts of this website is the "Dresses Under $10" section!
If you're in need of some cute summer clothes but you're on a budget this is your place to look! They have so many pages of dresses under $10! 

Here's just a few of my favourites as examples!

Although it does not come with the belt, you can purchase a similar one from the site HERE!

Chiffon Dress - $7.46
This is adorable and comes in two colours!

There you go! Just a small glimpse into what SammyDress has to offer!
If you're interested please check them out! 

You can find SammyDress on these sites:

Youtube :

Thanks for reading! Feel free to tell me what you think about below!

Are You Daisy Crazy?

Hey kittens!

I thought I would make a blog about the semi recent daisy craze that has been going on! And I can't say I am hating it aha!

I have been noticing A LOT of things with daisies on them now, big and small, So I thought, hey! Let's make a blog about it and point you into the direction of where to get items of clothing with daisies on them so you can be daisy crazy too!

First on my list is Forever 21, as I was browsing their website I saw a bunch of daisy things!
(Since there will be many items to show you, they will be clickable to where you can purchase them!)

I'm loving this daisy top because it's pink instead of black like you usually see! (What?! Did I really just say that!) 
Next you have adorable jewellery to go with your adorable daisy clothing! Perhaps a necklace? Headband? Earrings?
This crop top is actually something that I would consider buying for myself, it's off the shoulder and adorable!
I am in love with this bathing suit top, especially paired with these retro high waisted shorts!
If you want to be more subtle with your daisies then this hat is perfect for you! But, on the other hand if you want to be bold with your daisies then this necklace is for you!
And of course you need that staple dress for the summer!
And last but not least we have cosmetics! Makeup brushes and the bag to go with them, so fab!

So, that is a whole bunch of stables for your wardrobe this summer based around daisies! They can be subtle or bold, small or big, pink or black! They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours! So if you didn't see something here that you liked because it wasn't quite right, there is someone out there who has made it and you'll just have to look around!

Betsey Johnson!


Hey kittens!

So I am here today to show you my amazing purse I just purchased!

So I had been to Winner's on Valentine's Day with my friend Lauren and I saw this purse there! As soon as I seen it I feel absolutely in love with it, it was the most beautiful thing I had EVER seen! But of course, I didn't purchase it that day, sadly! Instead it took me until a week later hoping that the purse was still there so I could buy it because I could not get it off of my mind! Thankfully, as you see this story has a happy ending. The purse was there when I came back and I purchased it right away!

Here is one side to the beautiful purse! There's a cute little zipper pocket part to store little things, perhaps your keys! This purse is made of fabric, not leather. Which I love about it because it's very similar to my last purse but a lot for flexible and just a bit bigger! It comes with a removable long strap, and then two handles on the sides. I love using the long strap though, so it shall stay!

 The other side of the bag just has the cute Betsey Johnson logo on it, very simple and cute! As you can see I purchased the purse for $49.99, really fairly priced!

 A few of my favourite things about this purse is the details! Simple spikes on the handles, the ends of the zippers have hearts of them, and the actual zipper itself is gold and it's so beautiful! Everything about this purse flows so nicely!

 AND THEN! In another aisle I saw the matching cosmetic bag! So I obviously had to grab it, who doesn't need the matching cosmetic bag, right?!

I was actually SO excited to see it, because it was perfect just like the bag! Although I thought $14.99 was a bit pricy for it I bought it anyways because I love to match!

There you have it kittens! My new love, for now anyways! It will be included in the next haul I do so you will be seeing it again!

Manizer Duo Kit by The Balm


Hey kittens!

I am so excited for this blog today, because I was contacted by to review a product from a new company on their website called The Balm!

But first, a introduction to the website! was opened very recently, in January 2014. is the sister store to has a wide variety of beauty products, like colour cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrance, nail polish and some accessories! They have over 125 brands and 4000 different products!

The reason they contacted me was to make a review on The Balm because they're new on the website! So here it is!

This was the adorable package it came in. I seriously appreciated the little note and the lollipops!

Now onto the product! I am in love with the packaging! I love vintage and pin up girls, and Betty-Lou and Mary-Lou look pretty awesome. As you can see this is the Manizer Due Kit!

On the left is the bronzer, and on the right is the luminizer! These are seriously so soft, and the colour pay off is amazing, they're both super pigmented. I love that they come with mirrors for quick touchups on the go!

Here's some swatches!
The luminizer is a beautiful soft silver sand colour and it makes you glow! 
 The bronzer is such a beautiful colour, it looks gold and when you put it on it's absolutely perfect and blends so nicely into your skin, not to mention it's super soft.

Overall I am LOVING these products! I love the colours, they're totally complimenting to my skin tone and it's really the first bronzer that I have loved honestly, and the luminizer is so beautiful! Both the products go on super smooth and blend amazingly!

Seriously, go check out the website because if you're a Canadian babe like me you know how exciting it is to find a website that is Canadian based and not to mention with free shipping to anywhere in Canada! I really hope I can work with this company and website again, because I am a huge fan now and I am so happy that they contacted me!

HERE is the website!
HERE is the Manizer Duo Kit!

I really hope you enjoyed this review, I know I did! Check on my youtube channel Kkittendoll for my review on there!

Winner's Haul!


Hello Kittens!

I went to Winner's yesterday and purchased a few cute shirts and a pair of leggings! I then went back today to buy another pair of the leggings, and two brush holders!

So, here's the first shirt. It's incredibly soft, and it's also a crop top! If you know me, you know I love cats, so when I saw this I just thought it was purrrfect! It was $9.00!

This shirt here was an instant buy as soon as I saw it, I adore bats and I can't ever find anything with bats on them, so I thought this was just amazing. I almost wish I could black out everything but the cross, but I don't see that going over well, so I won't! It's also a crop top! It was $9.00

I had seen this shirt online quite a few times and I absolutely loved it, so as soon as I saw it I scooped it up! It's hilarious and totally relevant to my life! This is also a crop top, and the sleeves go just past my elbows! It was priced at $9.00

I had been kinda looking for a pair of leggings for awhile, since I bought my very first pair about two and a half years ago and they had gotten a little bit worn, I had gone back the next day and bought another pair because I loved them so much! They were $5.00!

Last but not least, I bought these two "pencil holders" because they match my makeup tray and I needed something to hold all my brushes because what I am currently using just isn't cutting it, plus these match better! They were $2.99 each!

I am super excited to wear the shirts in the summer because they're absolutely adorable, and soft, and purrrfect for me! I will be filming this as a haul on my Youtube so keep an eye out for it at!

My Black Milk Clothing Collection!


Hello kittens!

So today I thought I'd share with you my Black Milk collection!
I've been collecting since about a year and a half I'd say! Since then I have managed to get 8 beautiful pieces!

Here are my babies! I have 6 leggings, 1 pair of suspenders, and 1 skirt!

These are the amazing Mermaid Leggings, they're super shiny and pretty!

These are the Blood Splatter Leggings, my absolute favourites, and one of my dream pieces!

Since I have an obsession with Campbell's Soup I thought these leggings were very appropriate!

These are the Matte Black Suspenders! I've only worn them out twice, because in a small town you tend to get a lot of looks!

These are the beautiful Christmas Tree leggings, another dream piece!

These were the leggings that made me fall in love with Black Milk in the beginning, Aurora Skye leggings!

My first purchase ever, Cross of St.Peter's leggings in black!

And I store them all, nicely folded, in a La Senza box, because it's totally adorable!

And that is my collection, which I hope to add to very soon!