Weekly Makeup Look Vol.1


Hey kittens!

So I've decided to start one of my first series where I will show you my weekly makeup looks!  I thought this would be a good idea since I really am trying to get more into makeup as I would love to learn and eventually do it for a living in a few years and the only way you can get better is if you keep trying! So everyday, assuming I have time, I will be taking a picture of my makeup, which you'll be able to see on my instagram Kittendollbeauty early, and then weekly on Saturday's I will make a blog about it! From there every week will be from Saturday-Friday!

So here we go! These are my weekly looks!

A selfie I just really loved!
This week started on Wednesday, so here are three looks!
I used all Sugarpill Cosmetics and if you're curious and want to know the colours they're on my Instagram I linked at the top!

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