Sony Nex-3N in Pink!


Hey kittens!

So my Christmas present from my boyfriend finally came, after it took me long enough to decide between the camera, Uggs, or a Tiffany bracelet, and I decided on this beautiful thing!

It actually came in three days from Hong Kong, they shipped it DHL which sucked because they charged me $27 at the door but it was worth it because I didn't pay for shipping and it did come super fast!

This is the beautiful camera! I bought it from eBay because I wanted it in pink, and they only sold it in pink in the Philippines, I believe anyways, they don't in Canada! Also it was way cheaper on eBay. Of course I found the cheapest one I could, being the bargain finder that I am and love to do! I found it for $360 with the lens, other people were offering it for cheaper without the lens but since I only have Canon lenses available to me I wanted one that could fit this camera, and I also bought an adapter so that I can use the Canon lenses later on.

The reason I wanted this camera was because it had the articulating screen, as it's called, and I loved that it flipped up instead of to the side. As well as I wanted a smaller camera than my 5D because it's just too big and heavy for me to pick up and use! I had to search A LOT for this camera, because when you're searching for a camera I guess this isn't a popular option or one that is advertised a lot? I'm not sure, but it did take a long time to find it, and I believe I just came across it in google images under "pink camera" because I knew I wanted one that was pink for sure!

So I was going to be happy with this if it was just mediocore quality, but to my very pleased surprise it is honestly amazing quality. I am SO impressed with this camera, it's crazy. I will be filming my videos with this now because that's mainly why I wanted it, and to travel with it to make vlogs as well! I compared the photos this camera took with the photos that my boyfriend's 60D took and it was very similar.

This camera has many options, so many I can't even begin to list them, and it also has a manual option which I love, because hopefully I can use this for my photography class coming up, I don't see why not! One option I think is cool, is it will take 6 photos in 1 second and then combine them so that there is no blur! I love that, especially for low light situations!

It came with a 16-50 lens which surprisingly I love, it's so wide and nice and the quality is amazing!

This is the box it came in!
I think that's all I can tell you about it for now, but I will post when I have filmed with it to show you guys the quality!

What's your thoughts on my new camera?

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