Life Update!


Hey kittens!

So I'm already having a hard time keeping up with everything! I've been so exhausted already and it sucks!

Between school, social media, my love for fashion and makeup, and then trying to find a work term/worrying about finding one, and then all my free time is spent being super tired and doing homework, or trying to stay up and watch Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend but falling asleep!

I mean there is time for things, but not really. I feel rushed aha!

SO how do you deal with being so busy?

I need to balance things and still get them done! Because I'm finding that I just get so overwhelmed thinking about it that I end up not doing it!

I don't want that to happen, because I want to do all the things I love and school and I want to connect with people more and network as it's called!

I mean, I have six classes which is one more than the other semesters i've done so it's a lot. Graphic Design 2, Photography, Interactive Media, Design For Web, Portfolio and Work Term Prep, and Critical Theory! So a lot of work for every class, although I'm not complaining, it's so fun!

I think I'll be showing you some of my work, and making my portfolio and my journey! I think once my work term starts it would be good to make another blog about my journey to document it, since I did consider journaling but it's not something I can do well because of my arthritis.

I really want to find a job related to fashion or makeup, and I hope I can do that with where I am going! If anyone has tips for someone in my situation feel free to contact me at!

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