Karmaloop Haul!


Hey kittens!

So a few days ago I bought a few things from Karmaloop because they were having a pretty awesome sale and I didn't want to pass that up! (Also I have a spending problem, but that's a story for another time!)

The main reason I made this purchase was because they had a bunch of Sugarpill Cosmetics on sale for around $4 instead of the normal $12 on the website! I LOVE Sugarpill so I couldn't pass that up, no way!

A picture before I took everything out!

First up, I bought a hat! I've never worn a hat before so I thought I would try it out.  It says Vanity on the front, and Love Yourself on the back, also it's pink as you can see so I figured how could it go wrong! (I'll have to make an OOTD based around the hat!) - It was 50% off at $19!

Next was a set of Hello Kitty Lights! I LOVE Hello Kitty, so I had to get these and add them to my ever growing collection! - At 57% off they came to $12.95

I thought this bracelet was adorable, it says Ratchet! It's made of bent wire? and fits a bit small on normal wrists, for me it's almost just right! - This was 75% off for $6.95!

And last but not least, the Sugarpill Cosmetics I bought!


Poison Plum
Love +
Asylum (Looks more orange in person)
Sweetheart Palette

 And that is it for my Karmaloop haul! I did purchase one more thing but it's shipping separately for some reason and it's for my boyfriend so I won't blog about it because he might see it before he gets it and we don't want that!

Anyways, do you guys love Sugarpill Cosmetics? What's your favourite colour!

(Here's my video haul!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV8IYbUfIgg

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