Happy 2014 New Year!


Hello kittens!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Years!

I usually don't make resolutions because I think they're silly, but this year I did make one!
My New Years Resolution is to blog more, vlog more, and connect more! I want to get more creative, I mean after all I am in art school! I need to hop on that horse are try harder! I really want to push myself creatively, step out of my comfort zone and do what I thought I couldn't!

This was my #MOTD for New Years!

A simple winged eyeliner using Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, I used the champagne colour and the black from a Sephora palette, Eyebrows are Makeup Forever Aqua Brow in Dark Brown!

I also reached 3/4ths for my ears!

This new years was really fun! The morning was awesome, I spent it with my lovely boyfriend and we just went drifting for a bit until later at night. We had to wait for a huge semi to drop off 200 chairs for my boyfriend's mom's wedding business, luckily they came early and we didn't have to stay all night waiting for them! After that we went drifting a bit and made our way to our friend's house! Once we got there they convinced us to go buy some drinks and come back and party, so we did. It was actually a lot of fun, and I really enjoy their company. They're all really nice people and very welcoming, so that was nice! We partied until around 3:00 and then everyone started passing out, the last two people and me were still up and the one guy bought McDonalds which was amazingly yummy at that time of night aha! I ended up staying up until 4:00 because my boyfriend knocked glasses off the table twice in his sleep and I had to clean it up! I finally fell asleep in an armchair, I'm lucky I'm small! We woke up at 7:00 and drove back to my boyfriend's house, and slept for a few hours again until my sister needed a ride and he went and got her, he's so sweet! And now here I am, blogging away! It was so fun, like I said I'm so happy to have the friends I have and this is probably the best New Year's I've had!

What is your New Year's resolution and what did you do for New Years?

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