Black Milk Christmas Tree Leggings: Super Ninja Skills!


Hey kittens!

So as you may or may not know I am a sharkie! I am very proud to be a sharkie, and I will die a sharkie! A sharkie is what Black Milk Clothing calls their fans, we're really just more of a giant family, well dressed in beautiful nylon!

Anyways, so there was a museum release sale awhile ago, and with my super ninja skills I managed to snag me one of my dream pieces in under three minutes! (Just like last museum release where I snagged my other dream piece, the blood splatter leggings HERE)

This time they gave me a giant sticker, and I am SO excited, I'll have to find the perfect place to put it!

So again, the giant Black Milk sticker, they gave you a New Year's Resolution kinda thing to write on, the letter you get every time, and then a business card!

These are the beautiful Christmas Leggings, which I'll be wearing much more than just on Christmas, since I am in Canada and there are trees so it's acceptable ahah.

Although, the print isn't clear at all and it's very pixely, I have dreamed of these leggings ever since I saw them when they first came out, so I will still wear them. You can literally see the pixels on the leggings, but unless you're looking close you can't tell!

I'm so happy to have snagged yet another dream piece, I think my next dream piece is perhaps the Aurora Skye/Purple Amethyst Reversible Dress, I'm not sure, it is two of my favourite prints!

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