Hey kittens!

So as you may or may not know I am a sharkie! I am very proud to be a sharkie, and I will die a sharkie! A sharkie is what Black Milk Clothing calls their fans, we're really just more of a giant family, well dressed in beautiful nylon!

Anyways, so there was a museum release sale awhile ago, and with my super ninja skills I managed to snag me one of my dream pieces in under three minutes! (Just like last museum release where I snagged my other dream piece, the blood splatter leggings HERE)

This time they gave me a giant sticker, and I am SO excited, I'll have to find the perfect place to put it!

So again, the giant Black Milk sticker, they gave you a New Year's Resolution kinda thing to write on, the letter you get every time, and then a business card!

These are the beautiful Christmas Leggings, which I'll be wearing much more than just on Christmas, since I am in Canada and there are trees so it's acceptable ahah.

Although, the print isn't clear at all and it's very pixely, I have dreamed of these leggings ever since I saw them when they first came out, so I will still wear them. You can literally see the pixels on the leggings, but unless you're looking close you can't tell!

I'm so happy to have snagged yet another dream piece, I think my next dream piece is perhaps the Aurora Skye/Purple Amethyst Reversible Dress, I'm not sure, it is two of my favourite prints!

Hey kittens!

So a little bit ago I invested in a Belletto airbrushing kit! I had been using my Sephora brand airbrush foundation, the kind in the can that sprays out, and I had seen lots of beauty guru's on Youtube using the Belletto airbrushing kit, so I thought why not! Even better, PiinkSparkles had a coupon code (as well as many other beauty guru's) and you got a lot off!

This is the one I purchased: Ultimate Skin Secrets- Starter Kit

It comes with an cute carrying case, which also has a handle so it's super nice.

These are the little extras it comes with. A water dropper for cleaning it, a wrench to tighten or loosen, and a how to CD, and a case for the air brusher.

In this kit I picked, you received four foundation colours and a blush and the luster drops if you don't want to look matte. Unfortunetly from being shipped, moisture got it and the stickers fell off except two bottles. Luckily on the lightest yellow toned one which I use it didn't, and that is Creme De La, I can also probably use Brulee in the summer since it's a darker version.

This is the compressed and the wand(?), I really wanted a white compressor over the black one so that did help me choose which kit to buy.

This is everything in the carrying case, as you can see it holds everything perfectly, and nothing would be moving around!

So as you can see, they're pretty tiny, they're also not very loud at all! I definitely enjoy this and it really has made my foundation routine super easy and awesome, as well as flawless! I would definitely recommend, and remember if you are interested in buying one check out reviews on Youtube because like I said many people have coupon codes for a lot of money off! 

Mine came to $114 using the code Spark2 (from XSparkage)!

Forever 21 Ring Haul!


Hey kittens!

So about a week ago my mom and I decided to order some rings since neither of us have any! We decided on Forever 21 because they had a big selection and they were fairly priced.

I'm super impressed because the order came really fast! But that's because it shipped from Ontario instead of the states so that made me very happy! I got around 30 rings and I'm not positive of the price but I believe it came to around $40?

So here's a few different pictures for you!

There where a few different sets, and one set came with 14 rings, the simple gold ones in the back, and I love those because the midi rings fit my pinkies so it's super cute!
My favourite is the long gold one made up of geometric shapes, I've had a bit of an obsession with them recently!

Weekly Makeup Look Vol.3


Hey kittens!

So this week, I really didn't do any special makeup! I really mostly did winged eyeliner and that was it, so not much to show you. I do have an OOTD and a before and after of eyebrows to share though!

Eyebrows really make a difference!

And this was my adorable OOTD! I've owned the skirt for years but never wore it before until that day! I love it!

Life Update!


Hey kittens!

So I'm already having a hard time keeping up with everything! I've been so exhausted already and it sucks!

Between school, social media, my love for fashion and makeup, and then trying to find a work term/worrying about finding one, and then all my free time is spent being super tired and doing homework, or trying to stay up and watch Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend but falling asleep!

I mean there is time for things, but not really. I feel rushed aha!

SO how do you deal with being so busy?

I need to balance things and still get them done! Because I'm finding that I just get so overwhelmed thinking about it that I end up not doing it!

I don't want that to happen, because I want to do all the things I love and school and I want to connect with people more and network as it's called!

I mean, I have six classes which is one more than the other semesters i've done so it's a lot. Graphic Design 2, Photography, Interactive Media, Design For Web, Portfolio and Work Term Prep, and Critical Theory! So a lot of work for every class, although I'm not complaining, it's so fun!

I think I'll be showing you some of my work, and making my portfolio and my journey! I think once my work term starts it would be good to make another blog about my journey to document it, since I did consider journaling but it's not something I can do well because of my arthritis.

I really want to find a job related to fashion or makeup, and I hope I can do that with where I am going! If anyone has tips for someone in my situation feel free to contact me at deerdolls@gmail.com!

Weekly Makeup Look Vol.2


Hey kittens!

It is my weekly makeup look, and this is vol.2!

So this week I had five looks because I was lazy saturday and sunday and needed some time to chill with the boyfriend and clean and organize.. and most importantly catch up on PLL's! I even got the boyfriend addicted to it aha!

This week I had three "natural" days, I didn't realize I had so many, and one winged eyeliner day and then one colourful day! I hate that when I take these pictures the makeup doesn't look as good, I swear they're so much brighter and blended and not chopping and sloppy like they look here!

Is there a trick to taking pictures of your makeup that I don't know, if so let me know!

A Facebook group for Canadian Beauty Bloggers!


Hey kittens!

So I have been searching for a Facebook group for Canadian Beauty Bloggers for a really long time and I hadn't been successful, so I simply made my own!


"This group is for fellow Canadian bloggers, vloggers, enthusiasts of makeup and beauty to unite! Get to know each other, find collab or swap partners, post your blog posts or videos and make friends!"

My hope for this group is that we can broaden the Canadian Youtube community and come together as one and help each other out and connect!

Weekly Makeup Look Vol.1


Hey kittens!

So I've decided to start one of my first series where I will show you my weekly makeup looks!  I thought this would be a good idea since I really am trying to get more into makeup as I would love to learn and eventually do it for a living in a few years and the only way you can get better is if you keep trying! So everyday, assuming I have time, I will be taking a picture of my makeup, which you'll be able to see on my instagram Kittendollbeauty early, and then weekly on Saturday's I will make a blog about it! From there every week will be from Saturday-Friday!

So here we go! These are my weekly looks!

A selfie I just really loved!
This week started on Wednesday, so here are three looks!
I used all Sugarpill Cosmetics and if you're curious and want to know the colours they're on my Instagram I linked at the top!

Karmaloop Haul!


Hey kittens!

So a few days ago I bought a few things from Karmaloop because they were having a pretty awesome sale and I didn't want to pass that up! (Also I have a spending problem, but that's a story for another time!)

The main reason I made this purchase was because they had a bunch of Sugarpill Cosmetics on sale for around $4 instead of the normal $12 on the website! I LOVE Sugarpill so I couldn't pass that up, no way!

A picture before I took everything out!

First up, I bought a hat! I've never worn a hat before so I thought I would try it out.  It says Vanity on the front, and Love Yourself on the back, also it's pink as you can see so I figured how could it go wrong! (I'll have to make an OOTD based around the hat!) - It was 50% off at $19!

Next was a set of Hello Kitty Lights! I LOVE Hello Kitty, so I had to get these and add them to my ever growing collection! - At 57% off they came to $12.95

I thought this bracelet was adorable, it says Ratchet! It's made of bent wire? and fits a bit small on normal wrists, for me it's almost just right! - This was 75% off for $6.95!

And last but not least, the Sugarpill Cosmetics I bought!


Poison Plum
Love +
Asylum (Looks more orange in person)
Sweetheart Palette

 And that is it for my Karmaloop haul! I did purchase one more thing but it's shipping separately for some reason and it's for my boyfriend so I won't blog about it because he might see it before he gets it and we don't want that!

Anyways, do you guys love Sugarpill Cosmetics? What's your favourite colour!

(Here's my video haul!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV8IYbUfIgg

Sony Nex-3N in Pink!


Hey kittens!

So my Christmas present from my boyfriend finally came, after it took me long enough to decide between the camera, Uggs, or a Tiffany bracelet, and I decided on this beautiful thing!

It actually came in three days from Hong Kong, they shipped it DHL which sucked because they charged me $27 at the door but it was worth it because I didn't pay for shipping and it did come super fast!

This is the beautiful camera! I bought it from eBay because I wanted it in pink, and they only sold it in pink in the Philippines, I believe anyways, they don't in Canada! Also it was way cheaper on eBay. Of course I found the cheapest one I could, being the bargain finder that I am and love to do! I found it for $360 with the lens, other people were offering it for cheaper without the lens but since I only have Canon lenses available to me I wanted one that could fit this camera, and I also bought an adapter so that I can use the Canon lenses later on.

The reason I wanted this camera was because it had the articulating screen, as it's called, and I loved that it flipped up instead of to the side. As well as I wanted a smaller camera than my 5D because it's just too big and heavy for me to pick up and use! I had to search A LOT for this camera, because when you're searching for a camera I guess this isn't a popular option or one that is advertised a lot? I'm not sure, but it did take a long time to find it, and I believe I just came across it in google images under "pink camera" because I knew I wanted one that was pink for sure!

So I was going to be happy with this if it was just mediocore quality, but to my very pleased surprise it is honestly amazing quality. I am SO impressed with this camera, it's crazy. I will be filming my videos with this now because that's mainly why I wanted it, and to travel with it to make vlogs as well! I compared the photos this camera took with the photos that my boyfriend's 60D took and it was very similar.

This camera has many options, so many I can't even begin to list them, and it also has a manual option which I love, because hopefully I can use this for my photography class coming up, I don't see why not! One option I think is cool, is it will take 6 photos in 1 second and then combine them so that there is no blur! I love that, especially for low light situations!

It came with a 16-50 lens which surprisingly I love, it's so wide and nice and the quality is amazing!

This is the box it came in!
I think that's all I can tell you about it for now, but I will post when I have filmed with it to show you guys the quality!

What's your thoughts on my new camera?

Happy 2014 New Year!


Hello kittens!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Years!

I usually don't make resolutions because I think they're silly, but this year I did make one!
My New Years Resolution is to blog more, vlog more, and connect more! I want to get more creative, I mean after all I am in art school! I need to hop on that horse are try harder! I really want to push myself creatively, step out of my comfort zone and do what I thought I couldn't!

This was my #MOTD for New Years!

A simple winged eyeliner using Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, I used the champagne colour and the black from a Sephora palette, Eyebrows are Makeup Forever Aqua Brow in Dark Brown!

I also reached 3/4ths for my ears!

This new years was really fun! The morning was awesome, I spent it with my lovely boyfriend and we just went drifting for a bit until later at night. We had to wait for a huge semi to drop off 200 chairs for my boyfriend's mom's wedding business, luckily they came early and we didn't have to stay all night waiting for them! After that we went drifting a bit and made our way to our friend's house! Once we got there they convinced us to go buy some drinks and come back and party, so we did. It was actually a lot of fun, and I really enjoy their company. They're all really nice people and very welcoming, so that was nice! We partied until around 3:00 and then everyone started passing out, the last two people and me were still up and the one guy bought McDonalds which was amazingly yummy at that time of night aha! I ended up staying up until 4:00 because my boyfriend knocked glasses off the table twice in his sleep and I had to clean it up! I finally fell asleep in an armchair, I'm lucky I'm small! We woke up at 7:00 and drove back to my boyfriend's house, and slept for a few hours again until my sister needed a ride and he went and got her, he's so sweet! And now here I am, blogging away! It was so fun, like I said I'm so happy to have the friends I have and this is probably the best New Year's I've had!

What is your New Year's resolution and what did you do for New Years?