So It's My Birthday Soon!


And all the makeup companies that I JUST ordered from are now offering me birthday gifts, like I ordered from them two-three days ago, and they didn't then. But now I've spent all my money so I can't afford to buy more so I can't get my birthday gift! I did however cave and buy from Sephora again since I wanted it, I just wish they could have added it in anyways, since it was literally the next day that they offered it!

Anyways! Enough about that, I just love free things, especially makeup, but who doesn't!

My birthday is coming up, I'm going to be 19 on the fifteenth of December! It seems so weird, I still feel like I am 14-16 all the time, even though I'm in my second year of College, oh well! It just means I don't have to grow up just yet! Plus, at nineTEEN I am still a teen so I can use silly excuses for things that wouldn't normally work for adults aha!

I really don't know what I am going to do for my birthday, probably just go out for supper with my family and boyfriend, since the boyfriend can't go to the bar's yet (Just a few more months for him!)

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