Oh Youtube!


Hey kittens!

So! As I may have mentioned, and if you've been keeping up, I've started making vlogs on Youtube! I have been having a lot of fun making them, and I've decided I want to make personal vlogs too, similar to PiinkSparkles other channel PinkBarbieDolly because I really enjoy them and they seem like a lot of fun and I have a lot of free time currently so yeah, that is my plan!

Also, this blog is going to be getting a new layout which is currently in the making, so I am so excited for that. I need to get back into the swing of blogging on here because even though I've had so much time I feel like I haven't been doing much, so that is the plan!

I also NEED to make a schedule so that I can be more productive and make OOTD's and Makeup looks, and hauls and all those kinds of things! I'm lacking motivation so I'm finding it really hard when it just shouldn't be!

I'm really not sure if I have any people who do follow me regularly and check up on what I'm doing, BUT if you do I would love if you would comment and let me know!

Also, please, don't be afraid to get to know me and be my friend! I'm on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter, and I love to chat and make friends!

Also also, if anyone's interested I'd love to do a swap or a collaboration on Youtube of some sort!

I would like to add, it's hard for me to make videos all the time because I need a time when I am alone or other people are occupied because I don't feel comfortable otherwise and talk not so enthusiastically and I don't like that! I do live with my parents and my sister is visiting so it does make it a bit awkward to film at times, but I am trying! I mean I guess they would just get used to me talking to nothing eventually!

Thanks for reading!

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