Hello December!


Hey kittens! Today is December 1st and that is very exciting!

For this month, since I went a bit crazy on Black Friday, I have A TON of blogs for you, once they arrive! I feel bad for my mail man so I am going to buy him a Tim Hortons card because he's awesome, I know it's his job but it's nice to do nice things for people too!

I guess I'll make a list of the places I bought from!

  • Sephora x 2
  • Smashbox
  • PlugYourHoles
  • LimeCrime
  • Garage
  • SheInside
  • E.L.F.
  • Steel Navel
  • ClearlyContacts
  • Band Sweater for my boyfriend
  • Jacket for my mom
I THINK THAT'S ALL. So not bad, I had to stop myself somewhere aha!

This is a list of things happening in my life during December!
  • Last day of the first semester of College
  • My sister comes to visit
  • My birthday
  • I get my first tattoo
  • Having a new blog layout made
  • Christmas!
  • New Years!
  • And of course eating an Advent Chocolate everyday!
I am sure there is more but I can't remember quite yet! I am hoping to learn how to use iMovie so I can make some more awesome quality Youtube videos! I'm going to try to do a MOTD or OOTD at least a few times a week, I really want to have stuff to put on my Lookbook! Remember to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep updated!

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