Clearly Contacts!


Hey kittens, so as you saw in my last post I've ordered quite a few things.. whoops. Black Friday/ Cyber Monday may have got the best of me and I went a little crazy but hey, it happens!

But! My contact lenses from Clearly Contacts came in the mail already! I only ordered them on November 28th, so it's been about 5 days.

I am always super impressed with their delivery speed!

The nice little box it comes in!

I had only ordered one box of contacts, since both my eyes are a -7.00. But they also included a free box of contact solution!

Inside are six individual contacts. Normally you would have to buy two boxes, one for the left eye and one for the right eye, but mine are the same.

Inside the Bio True box was the solution and a contact case, so nice of them! I am excited to try the solution since my contacts seem to dry out but this says they'll last 20 hours!

I think I will always order from them, since they deliver fast, and I guess also give freebies! Which also came with a coupon for the solution when you go to buy it again!

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