Who else loves Paypal?


Hey kittens, do you love Paypal?

I know I do! Especially when they have their 5% cash back deal! I just got an email this morning saying they're starting that up again from November 26th to December 3rd! It's like a little present from your credit cards saying "We love you, please spend more!" and so I do haha!

It excludes shipping and taxes, but hey it's better than getting nothing back! I just wish they had done it two days earlier when I bought three different purchases (Ohhh can't wait to blog about those!)

I hate the waiting period between buying it and when it ships because I constantly check my mailbox hoping it's there! But, I especially can't wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! I've got money saved up and I am gonna shop until I DROP! Well, except I'll be in the comfort of my bed and not being attacked for the cute item I pick up first, instead I'll just make awkward noises as I try to put something in my checkout bag and it's gone when I look!

Do you take advantage of this deal, or do you hate Paypal and refuse to use it?

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