Update on life! (Oh wow a new Macbook Pro!)


Hey guys! So just a little update on life and what's going on!

I haven't been blogging much because I haven't had time, it feels like anyways! It's nearing the end of the school year and I've got projects I need to get in which I feel like is taking up a lot of my time!

I also haven't been buying a lot of things because it's nearing Christmas time and I need to save my money so I can buy gifts for my loved ones, which hopefully means in return I'll get some awesome stuff to blog about! My birthday is also in December so yay more gifts!

13" on the left and 15" on the right!

But there is one thing I did buy.. (Actually a few because I couldn't help myself which reminds me I need to make blogs about those too!) but the one BIG thing I bought was a new 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display! Unfortunately about a week ago my very loved laptop never turned on again which I am super sad about because I loved that laptop. It was dusty light pink and almost completely covered with Hello Kitty stickers!

Wow look at that colour!

But anyways, I can learn to love this new laptop too.. although I'm very sad it didn't come in pink considering how expensive they are at $2000! It seems steep.. and it is. But I need a new one for school as well as I can sync it with my iPhone and hopefully take some quality youtube videos for you guys!

Look how thin it is! Which also means light!
I ended up getting most of my things transferred although I am sure they missed a few since they had to do it manually. But that's okay, if I can't remember it, it doesn't matter aha. I'm more upset that I didn't get my bookmarks back because there were lists of things I wanted to buy and lots of other important information! Maybe i'll talk to them about transferring that if they can!

I'm still learning how to work my new beautiful baby (Might I add it has AMAZING sound too!) so if you guys have any tips or cool things you like to use your Macbook for leave me a comment below!

I would also like to add because there are so many more followers on here now since my giveaway that I would love to reply to your comments but I can't for the life of me figure out how.. so.. if anyone wants to link me somewhere to how I can do that, because I have looked and couldn't find it, that would be awesome since I really want to reply to you guys!

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