Sephora + Pantone Colour IQ


Hey kittens! So I was reading some magazines and I saw an ad for this cool machine that can match your skin to a foundation colour and recommend which to buy in that colour, only at Sephora!

I think this is awesome because you can go to a Sephora and get your skin matched to the perfect foundation shade and choose from all the different brands!

I would really like to go do this if I am in Calgary again anytime soon because that would be amazing to be perfectly matched, I always struggle with that.

If you didn't know Pantone is a company who has made colours match with a certain number and that SHOULD work internationally. So if you go to one printer and say you need a certain Pantone colour it will be the same all across the world! This is exciting for me since I just recently learned about this in my Print Production class at College!

Would you be interested in getting this done?

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